Tom Gilmartin

Irish businessman
Died on Friday November 22nd 2013

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@Tom_Gilmartin: @adamtaylor22 jon snow dies

@Tom_Gilmartin: @adamtaylor22 you know how to treat a guy!!!

@adamtaylor22: @Tom_Gilmartin and a few videos 😜

@Tom_Gilmartin: @adamtaylor22 I can't wait baby <3


@adamtaylor22: @Tom_Gilmartin wait till you see the pics I took

@Tom_Gilmartin: @adamtaylor22 trust me I have heard enough over the last week. He has been preparing for it.

@adamtaylor22: @Tom_Gilmartin classic chuuune

@Tom_Gilmartin: @adamtaylor22 Tap on my window, knock on my door. I want to make you feel beautiful.... My flatmate went to see them too :P

@adamtaylor22: @Tom_Gilmartin I knew you was gonna chirp up, actually really enjoyed it hahaha

@Tom_Gilmartin: @adamtaylor22 what's that? Coming out?

@gilmartin_tom: RT @BonnieBernstein: Just read Bruce Jenner's now Caitlyn Jenner. My initial reax: "Shouldn't that be spelled with a "K"? #KrisKimKhloeKour…

@gilmartin_tom: Congrats to @espngolic for making the wrestling HOF with greats Dan Gable Kurt Angle & Mark & Dave Schultz #RealWrestlingGreats

@gilmartin_tom: I hope when I wake up tomorrow morning @Espngreeny & @espngolic at least talk a little bit of #StanleyCupFinals #LetsGoHawks

@gilmartin_tom: RT @ABC7Chicago: Report: Bulls to name Fred Hoiberg as new coach

@gilmartin_tom: RT @chicagotribune: Sunday morning treat: Blackhawks-Ducks Game 7 photos.

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