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Has Taylor Swift died??

It appears not, Taylor Swift seems very much alive, currently at age 28

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@JacobCollins234: Eu tenho ps4 ja a Taylor, swift

@stfukailynn: it would be really healthy for the radio to stop playing delicate by Taylor swift 🙄

@queenmadalena: @bellacalmon Taylor Swift? "Pessoas legais"?????

@soitgoescolin: RT @FOTPMedia: HQ photos of Taylor Swift leaving her NYC apartment today! đź“·

@Jean18Britney: RT @musicnewsfact: Highest-paid female artists of 2018, according to Billboard: 1. Lady Gaga - $29.7 million 2. Celine Dion - $16.8 millio…

@lucasmd014: RT @Shivam_Murari: Every tongue that rises up against Taylor Swift shall fall.

@marleymadding: RT @ihatejoelkim: Can’t wait for this jellicle flop.

@wipedissues: I got "Mine"!

@sarahaywood911: RT @people: Meow! All of Taylor Swift’s Cattiest Moments with Her Feline Friends

@jayneato: Taylor Swift - Delicate

@THALABRONJAMES: RT @Weeklyvoice: #TaylorSwift , #JenniferHudson cast in #CatsMovie

@luccasjenner: RT @updateswiftbr: De acordo com a Billboard, Taylor Swift é a 48° artista da indústria musical mais bem paga dos Estados Unidos em 2018. (…

@wildlovelis: 6 days until taylor swift 18 days until kool kats™️ go camping 40 days until 5sos I’M. SO. EXCITED.

@AriannaE25: RT @JoeyEileen: Old Taylor Swift songs are the bees knees

@Swiftyrules: RT @riaputation: I can’t wait til I graduate and become a nurse and make money so I can NOT settle down and instead follow taylor Swift on…

@henintsooaa: je ne suis pas une grande fan de Taylor swift mais je dois avouer qu’elle a bien évoluer depuis ses débuts

@rhiannon_twigg: RT @hannnahkristine: No offense but when Taylor swift cut me off mid sentence to say “OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU” that’s some big dick energy…

@sarahaywood911: RT @people: Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson Reportedly Tapped to Star in Upcoming Movie Adaptation of 'Cats' #PeopleNow

@taylorsbiigrep: RT @chungliariana: rt this if you stan Ariana Grande Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Avril Lavigne Nicki Minaj Rihanna Halsey Camila Cabello…

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