Steve Buscemi

Actor, director, writer

Has Steve Buscemi died??

It appears not, Steve Buscemi seems very much alive, currently at age 61

Tweets related to Steve Buscemi

@Jacob_Miller96: If they ever did another live-action Super Mario Bros movie, I want Danny Devito and Steve Buscemi as Wario and Waluigi

@laurenberry2n3: @samstein Steve Buscemi

@THEcjhogan: today I learned Steve Buscemi was a 9/11 firefighter. I used to make fun of that comedian. now you have my respect.

@mona1961talks: RT @OctopusCaveman: Remake Brokeback Mountain with Steve Buscemi and Danny DeVito

@uncleprotonjr: steve buscemi ahegao

@intorui: i know that i did NOT just find a fucking steve buscemi fanfic wattpad is out of control

@K120mi: @brayansgh @auronplay **Steve Buscemi

@marxdemarco: how the fuck does the netflix algorithm know I think steve buscemi is hot

@vaughnblue: @ChristianPost Steve Buscemi, former wood chipper convict in Fargo, turned God? That will be hard to watch without remembering Fargo.

@nidaurrep: Steve Buscemi dans les Soprano : officiellement ma série préférée de tous les temps

@jonnyare: Oh wow I really hope all my potential employers can see the Steve Buscemi profile pic I forgot I had set on my email

@AbbyHiggs: @rgay *side-eyes my own nemesis, Steve Buscemi*

@Robbiezombie: RT @Robbiezombie: Stavenhagen's Food Pawn Shop with Steve Buscemi and Will Ferrell from Ad...

@jetgirl111: The Death of Stalin - so funny and brilliant. Superb line-up of actors - Steve Buscemi (amazing make-up!), Michael…

@bennyofthexmen: My most memorable moment this year was...meeting Steve Buscemi before the acid hit me #HappyNewYear #2018Memory

@DHollebone: @kev_south Looks like Steve Buscemi

@SeanDebTry: Du bourrin sur-testorenoné 😂 💪qui décoiffe avec Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Ving Rham…

@alesyasta: 1- Frances McDormand 2- Jonny Deep 3- Steve Buscemi 4- Tim Roth🤔🍊 5- Jonah Hill 6- Clint Eastwood

@MaggieBethA: The guest reader list for the Beastie Boys Book audiobook is WILD. Steve Buscemi, Bette Midler, Jon Stewart, Rachel…

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