Indian cartoonist.
Died on Monday May 19th 2014

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Tweets related to Shekar:

@kvc_shekar: @NitiCentral @India272 Becoz he gets so much of airtime does the Delhi CM think he is great? Actually that makes him cheap and infamous!!

@shekar_tweets: RT @vijaytarak9999: Thalaivar Rajini about #Puli Vijay anna : I like Vijay's calmness and when i see vijay and vikram i remember me and kam…

@shekar_tweets: RT @Thalapathy41: Fact .No.22..!! #41FactsAboutVijay #Thalapathy41

@shekar_tweets: RT @calicut_sfc: Exclusive : #Bahubali Team with @Suriya_offl anna at Trailer launch 😄 @ssrajamouli @RanaDaggubati @nasser_kameela http://…


@shekar_tweets: By the end of 2nd part Filming #Budget will cross 250crs says @ssrajamouli at #Baahubali Trailer Launch !

@shekar_tweets: #Prabhas says #Baahubali will release on July 10th in all languages #BaahubaliTrailerLaunch

@shekar_tweets: RT @TamilBoxOffice1: #Prabhas says #Baahubali will release on July 10th in all languages #BaahubaliTrailerLaunch

@kvc_shekar: India probably is the only country in the world which is utterly confused about issuing passport to a traitor !! #gRejectGeelaniPassport

@elavasam: @ammu_maanu if only some of those qualities rubbed on you… @nattu_g @n_shekar @amas32 @krangana

@AmmU_MaanU: @elavasam @Nattu_G @n_shekar @amas32 @krangana I have seen my பாட்டி do that... just remembered her, a great cook & a workaholic

@shekar_tweets: RT @ILuvCinemaTamil: #Vishal Film Factory Production No11 Pooja Stills TO SEE MORE STILLS CLICK HERE ►►…

@elavasam: @ammu_maanu பட்சணத்தைப் பொடிச்சாவது தின்னும் பரம்பரை. ஒண்ணும் ஆட்டிக்க முடியாது. @nattu_g @n_shekar @amas32 @krangana

@PetersenKathygZ: RT @HMOULI: @stormylook this Shekar Gupta will never be good @ marketting. But knows how 2 mint crores thru Sonia"s pocket.

@Nattu_G: @TamilCardio :)) @n_shekar @amas32

@AmmU_MaanU: @elavasam @Nattu_G @n_shekar @amas32 அப்டியே ஒண்ணு “வட்சேன்னா” அப்றம் எப்பவுமே பட்சணம் சாப்பிட முடியாம பூடும் ;) @krangana

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