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Has Sean Bean died??

It appears not, Sean Bean seems very much alive, currently at age 60

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@Amanda_Symons: @MikeChannell You cant read it without sean bean's voice in your head though, which also makes me think of this:

@ReinaHorde: Os quejáis de que Margot Robbie tiene poco diálogo en la nueva de Tarantino. Pues estoy viendo la trilogía de ESDA…

@siIverbones: i guess today is going to be taken up with the frankenstein chronicles (is good! sean bean good. everyone else good. enjoying so far)

@HahnRod: @Loial77543886 Sean Bean for LTT

@K0D3N: Te enseño una película donde Sean Bean no muere en la primera cita.

@jamiethewhitten: @DannyDeraney sean bean

@apple_shamp0o: No one: Sean Bean cat: “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

@JohnPlayerNo6: @LicenseToCat @PolicyRob Without jesting I would pay good money for either Bradley Walsh or Sean Bean for this

@RozaliaPapp: The Young Messiah Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Sean Bean, Adam Greaves-N...

@WormieW: It’s Sean bean

@middlebeard: @BigtubSeeker @bendirs1 When Saturday Comes - Sean Bean.

@MissingMerlin: RT @CharJayn: This week’s binge has been what other than #Merlin has @bradleyjames been in. After Medici and iZombie (which I’d never watch…

@privatisasiakun: I love doing just nothing in my free time. -Sean Bean-

@leogolsevinci: @jezecim Sean Bean, Victoria Beckham, Rooney Mara, William Holden

@alpacaprinceso: RT @Okinfografia: @SGJohnMcClane Lo he tenido que mirar: Sean Bean tiene 133 créditos como actor, ergo ha muerto en el 18,7% de sus papeles…

@razeliseas: sean bean nasıl her göründüğü dizi/film ıvır zıvırda ölüyorsa, willem dafoe da benzer şekilde çıldırıyor

@alpacaprinceso: RT @Okinfografia: El actor con más muertes en pantalla no es curiosamente Sean Bean con un total de 25, sino John Hurt con nada menos que 4…

@nycpat838: @tobysnews Love this one. My two favorites - Toby and Sean Bean! 😍

@BraincaseRob: RT @churnwell: @PeterJMorgan1 @inactionfrauduk @actionfrauduk @grantshapps @mhclg @bbcsoutheast @BBCWatchdog Well, there's no need for that…

@wynterstwytter: @LitAnscombe I think Grinfuck is that sketchy bloke in Lord of the Rings who has control over Sean Bean's dad. Not…

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