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Has Sean Bean died??

It appears not, Sean Bean seems very much alive, currently at age 60

Tweets related to Sean Bean

@DHLParcelUK: @Sean_Bean_64 Hello Sean, I have replied to your DM. Thanks, Chloe.

@FanMaisieW: RT @FanMaisieW:


@Sean_Bean_64: @DHLParcelUK hi, is there any chance you could reply to my DM. Having problems with my delivery address.

@UlsterMag: @lee_ryder 8.25 Sean Dyche 9.25 Patrick Vieira 10.25 ????? Mr Bean???? No one cares who gets it.

@neonjennasiseva: [sound of sean bean dying in the background while nic cage begins to beatbox]

@Gabriel_Writes: @TheCleftonTwain Boromir: "Ah... Fuck it." Sean Bean, giving it his finest pathos, just at the end.

@divinentd: @ashleylynch Sean Bean in Sharpe’s Rifles

@LambertCarlton: @Kit_C20 Some of us have most haven't and won't until someone knocks on their door and jails them for reading books…

@ChiltonDIY: Another team (headed by Sean Bean) has a tricked out Jaguar XJS coupe.

@4720john: @BartParks @harkness_sean @ksufearless I had something look similar to that a few years ago had been spraying Valor…

@mmebug6: National Treasure is a fun movie, not just because it’s nerdy and adventurous, but also because SEAN BEAN DOESN’T DIE.

@qinaliel: RT @bloodmoonsaw: Stark feels Sean Bean, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead Wright

@IDtheMIKE: @michaelbradt In a twist, we cast Sean Bean as Robespierre so that after several seasons of him actually getting to…

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