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Has Sean Bean died??

It appears not, Sean Bean seems very much alive, currently at age 60

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@JethroMansell: Sean Bean explains why he is backing Jeremy Corbyn

@nataliamosf: RT @vanemof: IF Sean is Shawn and looks like Seen, but Bean is not Bawn, then why is Been pronounced Bin 🤔

@Litster33: “National Treasure’s antagonist played by Sean Bean” Me: Ah yes, Shawn Baw– wait… Seen Been... no it’s

@cindyfuung: I’m oddly attracted to Sean Bean

@misskiti: Why does Sean Bean not die in the #yorkshiretea advert?

@LucyMorningSt15: @markellislive The story of Sean Bean's life as an actor with the exception of National Treasure as far as I know.

@HerbWiseman: RT @seanconwayptbo: "One does not simply walk into Number 10 Downing Street." #LabourSurge #Corbyn4PM

@DanDarePOTF: Just discovered "Ronin" (Robert de Niro, Sean Bean, Jean Reno et al) is now on Netflix. At last, something of qual…

@annaiclc2015: @YorkshireTea I absolutely love the ad with Sean Bean #properyorkshire

@BosnR6: Oh for fucks sake.. Can I please find a show with Sean Bean, where he doesn't get killed at the end of the first season please???

@gustavolepin: Pedro Pascal is the new Sean Bean #WonderWoman1984 #WW84

@LynneMo97942316: Sean Bean explains why he is backing Jeremy Corbyn

@SJWSoyBoy: @Lindsie_Rose Fellowship has Sean Bean so it wins the tie breaker.

@zombii_yuurei: Already gonna place my bets he’s gonna die spectacularly on screen just bc he’s basically Sean Bean 2

@aysnikornn: RT @aysnikornn: hayattaki şansım oynadığı tüm filmlerde ölen sean bean olabilir

@MadEdders95: I don't trust Sean as I always read it like it rhymes with bean...

@Wondergwarts: RT @EmiliaClarkeGEN: Sean Bean playing with his severed head + House Stark intro.

@Xintract: @maaaaa__AAA 5 or 6 usually. Probably 6 I really like Sean bean

@magicalkrishna: Bean - बीन Dean - डीन Sean - शॉन

@sansamione: RT @badpost_sophiet: Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams on doing impressions of Sean Bean on set and show their skills at the reunion specia…

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