Sam Schulman

American sailor
Died on Thursday July 11th 2019

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@SGLawrence: Jake please tell us this isn’t so! I know some Progressive Pink Pussy Marchers who are going to relapse back into t… - 2 hours ago

@SGLawrence: @Sam_Schulman @tskywalker Republicans in Queens NY are running this black Jamaican-born female to challenge @AOC an… - 7 hours ago

@NavKana: @MattWalshBlog @Sam_Schulman It may be better for you to say something like I CAN'T BELIEVE SO MANY AMERICANS ACTUA… - 7 hours ago

@NavKana: @MattWalshBlog @Sam_Schulman Sir....people said IM VOTING FOR HILLARY too. Trump's term is almost over and it's ama… - 7 hours ago

@SGLawrence: @Sam_Schulman @tskywalker Listen to this hilarious video of Deplorable MAGA women singing to express what Trump’s s… - 9 hours ago

@SGLawrence: @Sam_Schulman @ tskywalker Anderson Cooper’s interviewer couldn’t get 8 suburban women to say a single negative thi… - 17 hours ago

@Spinozasrose: @Sam_Schulman @tabletmag If a person of color does the attacking, it is not violence, because: 1. It is a PoC's ex… - 1 day ago

@SGLawrence: @tskywalker @Sam_Schulman Anyone who thinks Trump is just wildly and impulsively tweeting himself into trouble is… - 1 day ago

@AndyCasarolle: @Sam_Schulman #yahooareyahoos - 1 day ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman I fail to comprehend how this is somehow an either-or choice. - 2 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman I'm only working off of Linker's tweet, but Reno's rhetoric isn't encouraging. - 2 days ago

@BurtonHaras: @NZionist @Sam_Schulman #GoodLuck - 2 days ago

@Southfive: @Sam_Schulman @DYShor All I know is that it still ain’t a state. - 2 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman I'll take "atheist cranks" over people whose vision for the conservative movement, America, and the w… - 2 days ago

@BurtonHaras: @NZionist @Sam_Schulman Seriously. Who talks like that? Bot I know!!! - 2 days ago

@BurtonHaras: @NZionist @Sam_Schulman The evil-monsters who harm our children > ARE NOT ALL & NOT ONLY but NOT JUST REPUBLICANS.… - 2 days ago

@NZionist: @BurtonHaras @Sam_Schulman you are never read the report. - 2 days ago

@BurtonHaras: @NZionist @Sam_Schulman Who complied, created, and wrote this Mueller Report ? - 2 days ago

@BurtonHaras: @NZionist @Sam_Schulman ✅ done & done. Now - had YOU read it AND then research for yourself >> you might have bett… - 2 days ago

@NZionist: @BurtonHaras @Sam_Schulman and the guy who investigated clinton? herr starr? he likes to give cover to rapists and… - 2 days ago

@NZionist: @BurtonHaras @Sam_Schulman you havent read the mueller report. you are either a russian bot or an ignorant wingnut… - 2 days ago

@thejpc: @Sam_Schulman Did Ted talk to Mary Jo? - 2 days ago

@_coltseavers: @Sam_Schulman @kausmickey Oh man the possibilities. You could have been a famous fall guy and we could have said we knew you. - 2 days ago

@___yellowman: @KayOrder @Josh_Lipson @Sam_Schulman It could be backed today. - 2 days ago

@RichardKeppler1: @Sam_Schulman @Martin_Kramer Well caviat - shes too big a fraud for Holland. Not for the lucrative world of DC, kno… - 2 days ago

@RichardKeppler1: @Sam_Schulman @Martin_Kramer Do you really not know about this? - 2 days ago

@akoz33: @kabalissima @AStuttaford @Sam_Schulman He truly was the David Irving of the left. His admirers should also be seen… - 2 days ago

@RichardKeppler1: @Martin_Kramer @Sam_Schulman Hisri is also a fraud whose backstory was found to be made up. Faulty person to promote. - 2 days ago

@Darinstrauss: @Sam_Schulman @Shabbosgoy @kausmickey i didn't know Taki was a real person; i thought his magazine might be one of… - 2 days ago

@zenpundit: @LukeGofannon @Sam_Schulman Yes - 3 days ago

@Shabbosgoy: @Sam_Schulman Stuart still follows me, don’t ask me why. - 3 days ago

@n_koss: @nutjob @Sam_Schulman Something they share with "incels," who also suffer because straight people aren't dating them. - 3 days ago

@HowieGoldfarb24: @Sam_Schulman @IfNotNowOrg The biggest complaint that most members of @ifnotnoworg have is that the college cafeter… - 3 days ago

@NSRoundtable: @JoyfulNeshama @Sam_Schulman He sure did. And I remember it well!! - 3 days ago

@NSRoundtable: @Ronald_Spitzer @Sam_Schulman We're not being "fair", we're being holier than the Pope. - 3 days ago

@NSRoundtable: @Sam_Schulman "Forced them"? Those were their leaders. And it was certainly not our job to get involved in their le… - 3 days ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman @Shabbosgoy @kausmickey I shudder to think of your prior life, that these society folks had you pegge… - 3 days ago

@Shabbosgoy: @Sam_Schulman @kausmickey Didn’t you, you know, ask him? - 3 days ago

@AndyCasarolle: @kausmickey @Sam_Schulman Oh, I hope so! - 3 days ago

@Iulian68: @Sam_Schulman immigrants probably not more than 15% ( national average). - 3 days ago

@Iulian68: @Sam_Schulman her district is 67% white with above average median income. - 3 days ago

@Ronald_Spitzer: @Sam_Schulman @NSRoundtable Ugh... we need to be fair... again? When can we stop being fair and move forward?😇 - 3 days ago

@Mudslider1: @LukeGofannon @Sam_Schulman Who - 3 days ago

@Iulian68: @Sam_Schulman It just boggles the mind that Americans can vote somebody like IO in office. - 3 days ago

@n_koss: @EdAsante77 @Sam_Schulman But the very fact that neighborhood has gotten so much nicer might well be a product of t… - 3 days ago

@mr_markjacobs: @Sam_Schulman @BillKristol @pierre @gabeschoenfeld @yhazony Also, there's @theintercept's love affair with Assad an… - 3 days ago

@PJS18463750: RT @RichardKeppler1: @Jeff_Jacoby @Sam_Schulman So much for the tolerant left. - 3 days ago

@KyleWOrton: @Sam_Schulman @JoeLieberman Yup. - 3 days ago

@Spinozasrose: @Sam_Schulman As Arendt so perceptively understood in her analysis of totalitarian fascist thinking: if you peel of… - 3 days ago

@pammalamma: @Sam_Schulman @DerSPIEGEL Terrifying - 3 days ago

@TheWillemDuP: RT @RichardKeppler1: @Jeff_Jacoby @Sam_Schulman So much for the tolerant left. - 3 days ago

@DY1837: @Jeff_Jacoby @Sam_Schulman It is my view that unlike Dr. Jordan Peterson (who managed to maintain his position as a… - 3 days ago

@HowieGoldfarb24: @Sam_Schulman And Ben Rhodes was loyal to "our common objectives" when he lied and said that Israel has built "tens… - 3 days ago

@krystinafoxie: @RichardKeppler1 @Jeff_Jacoby @Sam_Schulman The irony - 3 days ago

@LoriLMarcus: RT @MargieInTelAviv: @mr_markjacobs @LoriLMarcus @Sam_Schulman @Ilhan @Ayaan @IlhanMN " grown-ups around me exclaimed “Yahud!” the way Amer… - 4 days ago

@ArsGratiaArtis3: RT @RichardKeppler1: @Jeff_Jacoby @Sam_Schulman So much for the tolerant left. - 4 days ago

@DoomsdayPicnic: @alimhaider @Sam_Schulman How dare you - 4 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman They do. They're a decent group of people. - 4 days ago

@neilclevine: @Sam_Schulman I went to the newspaper and wrote a story about his awful speech. - 4 days ago

@neilclevine: @Sam_Schulman Chomsky is such a fraud. I remember seeing him live in 1988, and his absurd conspiracy theories have gotten worse - 4 days ago

@mr_markjacobs: RT @mr_markjacobs: @Sam_Schulman @Ilhan @Ayaan Why would @IlhanMN try to overcome her antisemitism? Jew-hate has been very good to her. It… - 4 days ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman I suspect his virulent anti-Americanism was more than sufficient. - 4 days ago

@MargieInTelAviv: @mr_markjacobs @LoriLMarcus @Sam_Schulman @Ilhan @Ayaan @IlhanMN " grown-ups around me exclaimed “Yahud!” the way A… - 4 days ago

@bullfrog35: @Sam_Schulman Updated June 2019: - 4 days ago

@Multied: @davereaboi @Sam_Schulman Not a fan of Omar, but when I read it I thought she was talking about big oil and others… - 4 days ago

@kjgillenwater: @Sam_Schulman 😂😂 - 4 days ago

@RichardKeppler1: @Jeff_Jacoby @Sam_Schulman So much for the tolerant left. - 4 days ago

@pspoole: @Sam_Schulman @pierre Oooffff - 4 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman You underestimate the power of liberal masochism. - 4 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman He didn't. There's sadly very little engagement with actual political philosophy, or philosophy of an… - 4 days ago

@brownmp: @Sam_Schulman @alimhaider Mayor Pete is giving everyone in churches a view of what is about 7 years away. The older… - 4 days ago

@USRoute41: @Sam_Schulman @davidfrum @MaxBoot @20committee @RadioFreeTom He had markers called in. He owes somebody. He went fu… - 4 days ago

@USRoute41: @Sam_Schulman @davidfrum @MaxBoot @20committee @RadioFreeTom 20 isn't even a minnow. - 4 days ago

@HowieGoldfarb24: @mr_markjacobs @Sam_Schulman @Ayaan Over at the @washingtonpost reporter @gregjaffe wrote a puff piece on Ilhan Oma… - 4 days ago

@Ronald_Spitzer: @Sam_Schulman @davidfrum @MaxBoot @20committee @RadioFreeTom Now that is a tweet I wish I could retweet. Mr. Schi… - 4 days ago

@proust1974: @Sam_Schulman @dkahanerules Bush did too, but Trump’s constant used-car salesman bluster has done him great harm. - 4 days ago

@ukrlaa: RT @YadVashemUSA: Sam Schulman, last surviving US crew member on legendary ‘Exodus,' dies at 91 | The Times of Israel The Exodus set sail… - 4 days ago

@mr_markjacobs: @Sam_Schulman @Ilhan @Ayaan Why would @IlhanMN try to overcome her antisemitism? Jew-hate has been very good to her… - 4 days ago

@bullfrog35: @Sam_Schulman @Ilhan @Ayaan A tour of the Islamism 101 primer not for adults.....but about and for children. - 4 days ago

@Thomasdiscerns: @Sam_Schulman @JonahNRO Paul Ryan came in second in a debate with Mighty Joe Biden. He was a legend. - 4 days ago

@weingradmichael: @Sam_Schulman @PhilipTerzian @NicholasFerroni Pre-school: my beloved teacher Richard Marcus, who also taught me my… - 5 days ago

@KMGVictoria: "Why wasn't he murdered?" asks @Sam_Schulman of #JeffreyEpstein. Did you read @JHKunstler's column today? His hypot… - 5 days ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman Perhaps a factor--also later average marriage age means, in practice, meeting one's spouse post-college... - 5 days ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman The college-attending population rose to the point where the effect of its larger size was overtaken… - 5 days ago

@OfWolfAndRaven: @Sam_Schulman @JonahNRO The sad thing here is that Paul, Jonah and David are the insect overlords we are successfully overthrowing. 🐜🦗🦟 - 5 days ago

@JimmyLevendia: @Sam_Schulman It is the only thing saving my masculinity - 5 days ago

@LouiseMensch: @Sam_Schulman Dude, wrong case. I’ve never reported @Trump executives would be charged for paying @MichaelCohen212.… - 5 days ago

@USRoute41: @Sam_Schulman They don't call him Crazy Bernie for nothing.... - 5 days ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman @JeffreyGoldberg @TheAtlantic No way--the Atlantic doesn't accept writers unless their prose is far m… - 5 days ago

@Eternalreturnal: @Sam_Schulman Marc Rich was pardoned because he paid Paula Jones off for Bill Clinton. - 5 days ago

@pspoole: @Sam_Schulman @ADL Evergreen tweet - 5 days ago

@hollyrob19: @Sam_Schulman @RavDK - 5 days ago

@PhilipTerzian: @Sam_Schulman I had no idea my Nixon 'collector plate' is so valuable. (I have an LBJ and a JFK/Jackie, too.) But g… - 5 days ago

@Shabbosgoy: @Sam_Schulman That did catch my eye, tbh. - 5 days ago

@PhilipTerzian: @Shabbosgoy @Sam_Schulman If he had owned a Max Beerbohm cartoon, I might have bid on it. Not an admirer, I'm afraid. - 5 days ago

@Shabbosgoy: I wonder if @Sam_Schulman or @PhilipTerzian will be bidding on items from the estate of Philip Roth? - 5 days ago

@PhilOutsider: @Sam_Schulman Even there it’s not the 70s anymore. - 5 days ago

@n_koss: @Sam_Schulman @liel @omarali50 No idea. It’s a question for @centroprimolevi - 5 days ago

@omarali50: @Sam_Schulman Is his talk online? - 5 days ago

@Shabbosgoy: @Sam_Schulman @omarali50 He recently wrote a review of a book about Indira Gandhi’s Emergency Rule and, surprise, c… - 5 days ago

@JoshuaPotrykus: @Doranimated @Sam_Schulman I lived there once. The alt-right menace drove me out a decade ago. - 5 days ago

@realStevenWalk: @omarali50 @Sam_Schulman Lol you think there's a brain behind that pretty face? You silly goose - 6 days ago

@offhandmanor1: @omarali50 @Sam_Schulman with cameo from @byrdinator whoot - 6 days ago

@jjsol1: @JZmirak @d_klinghoffer @DrSamuelGregg @Franklin_Graham @yhazony @holysmoke @CF_Farrow @prolifeadvocate… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @DefeatLong @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I didn't find it all that powerful, partly because of th… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog @Quillette Thank you! - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog @Quillette That piece was phenomenal, by the way. - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I was going to discuss that kerfuffle in my @quillette piece on the… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I hadn't known that. - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @DefeatLong @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog Thus it ever has been. Noting that you're falling off a cl… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I agree, and, to reiterate, I share many of your concerns about his wo… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog Interesting tidbit: Last year, when First Things, Vermeule, & other… - 6 days ago

@DefeatLong: @defnotfedsloth @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog It is an incredibly powerful book; yet I’m always unde… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog Yes, and the questions he asks are important ones, and elements of his… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I will say that I find Deneen to be extremely cagey about what he's… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I don't think anyone's tying Deneen to that! The argument is more th… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I agree entirely; I think the phrase I used earlier in the thread was… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog True. Tying Deneen to that, however, is just silly. I believe he addre… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog But also, especially given Deneen's vagueness (I don't think he ever… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog I would take issue with that, on the grounds that what's been happen… - 6 days ago

@deadpeoplecom: Sad to hear, Sam Schulman (Marin américain) has passed away - #Sam #rip - 6 days ago

@deadpeoplecom: A moment of silence for Sam Schulman - #SamSchulman #Sam #Schulman #rip - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog We can't build a regime that concerns itself with human rights and hum… - 6 days ago

@saramead: RT @Kress_Sandy: Money is good...until it isn't. How can that happen? Important to know. @ajholda @hollyshansen @Sam_Schulman @esanzi @sara… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog Oh, come on. It's not the same thing. One's a sensible criticism with… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog In the sense that it exaggerates Deneen's impact? Because if not, it… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog "this book, which treats the individual rights-based framework of the… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog Is it "hysteria" to suggest that a book which treats the individual… - 6 days ago

@RamiroMacias: RT @YadVashemUSA: Sam Schulman, last surviving US crew member on legendary ‘Exodus,' dies at 91 | The Times of Israel The Exodus set sail… - 6 days ago

@soltze6: RT @YadVashemUSA: Sam Schulman, last surviving US crew member on legendary ‘Exodus,' dies at 91 | The Times of Israel The Exodus set sail… - 6 days ago

@YadVashemUSA: Sam Schulman, last surviving US crew member on legendary ‘Exodus,' dies at 91 | The Times of Israel The Exodus set… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog To his credit, he says he wonders if it will, not that it actually wil… - 6 days ago

@fretbunny: @wataneman @Sam_Schulman Ja natürlich - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman @CathyYoung63 @Grendel_the_Dog I think Deneen's book has been a lot more influential than you give it… - 6 days ago

@thefactualprep: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @CathyYoung63 I may have disagreements with Cathy, but pretending she isn’t just plain nonsense. - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Grendel_the_Dog @Sam_Schulman @PatrickDeneen and that Deneen's work (and others') is subversive in t… - 6 days ago

@TheSarug: RT @TheKrinz: @just_whatever @Sam_Schulman @HenMazzig @kweansmom @Claire_Voltaire @1littleBIGMOUTH @SchmahlNaomi Shhh don’t tell them that… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Grendel_the_Dog @Sam_Schulman @PatrickDeneen If Shoenfeld's argument is that a total rejection of li… - 6 days ago

@ynkutner: RT @TheKrinz: @just_whatever @Sam_Schulman @HenMazzig @kweansmom @Claire_Voltaire @1littleBIGMOUTH @SchmahlNaomi Shhh don’t tell them that… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Grendel_the_Dog @Sam_Schulman @PatrickDeneen's argument, if I understand him correctly, is that Enli… - 6 days ago

@kweansmom: RT @TheKrinz: @just_whatever @Sam_Schulman @HenMazzig @kweansmom @Claire_Voltaire @1littleBIGMOUTH @SchmahlNaomi Shhh don’t tell them that… - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Grendel_the_Dog @Sam_Schulman But Deneen does argue that the Enlightenment-based concept liberty i… - 6 days ago

@SGLawrence: @Sam_Schulman - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Grendel_the_Dog @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman I've started it. Not that far in, but given that his main premise is t… - 6 days ago

@Grendel_the_Dog: @defnotfedsloth @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman Ah. Well I haven't read the book so... - 6 days ago

@CathyYoung63: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog The only difference I see is 1) Schoenfeld makes a definitive predic… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Grendel_the_Dog @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman That it's a drive-by insinuation which is plainly nonsensical, and eit… - 6 days ago

@Grendel_the_Dog: @defnotfedsloth @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman Is your complaint -- (1) Come on, this ain't Marcuse. Will be forgotte… - 6 days ago

@TheKrinz: @just_whatever @Sam_Schulman @HenMazzig @kweansmom @Claire_Voltaire @1littleBIGMOUTH @SchmahlNaomi Shhh don’t tell… - 6 days ago

@defnotfedsloth: @CathyYoung63 @Sam_Schulman @Grendel_the_Dog "Why Liberalism Failed will, as has been the case with Marcuse’s work,… - 6 days ago

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