Sam Schulman

American sailor
Died on Thursday July 11th 2019

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@mr_markjacobs: @Ronald_Spitzer @Sam_Schulman @ADL He actually tweeted out something the other day about the politicalization of an… - 3 months ago

@Ronald_Spitzer: @mr_markjacobs @Sam_Schulman @ADL Has Greenblatt condemned Omar for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany or John Lewis… - 3 months ago

@07shari22: RT @mr_markjacobs: @Sam_Schulman Hey Sam, the @ADL has spoken: - 3 months ago

@mr_markjacobs: @Sam_Schulman Hey Sam, the @ADL has spoken: - 3 months ago

@Cmayscruz: @Sam_Schulman @ScotsFyre That’s interesting. - 3 months ago

@Brahmski: @cvaldary @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO How about anyone who reads magazines? - 3 months ago

@Cmayscruz: @Sam_Schulman @ScotsFyre Nope. - 3 months ago

@Cmayscruz: @ScotsFyre @Sam_Schulman He’s pretty clueless on this subject in particular. - 3 months ago

@Voodooqueen126: RT @cvaldary: @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO “Anyone with a Stanford BA in history” and what percentage of the population is that? If it… - 3 months ago

@DireNecessity: @defnotfedsloth @Sam_Schulman Two obvious examples: Marquis de Lafayette and Alexis de Tocqueville. It’s hardly unprecedented. - 3 months ago

@SGLawrence: @architectguy @CarolineGlick @seanmdav @apk222 @rogerlsimon @AndrewPollackFL @liel @TheMossadIL @HananyaNaftali… - 3 months ago

@SGLawrence: @realDonaldTrump @Sam_Schulman @marklevinshow @benshapiro @bennyjohnson @tskywalker @TuckerCarlson @AndrewPollackFL… - 3 months ago

@SGLawrence: @realDonaldTrump @Sam_Schulman @marklevinshow @benshapiro @bennyjohnson @tskywalker @TuckerCarlson @AndrewPollackFL… - 3 months ago

@michael_jaffe: @cvaldary @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO Russian antisemites associated many terms to Jews. Another was "decadenc… - 3 months ago

@SGLawrence: @Sam_Schulman @marklevinshow @benshapiro @bennyjohnson @tskywalker @TuckerCarlson @AndrewPollackFL @rogerlsimon… - 3 months ago

@DarkTechMonitor: @cvaldary @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO ...and? Assuming you're correct, (and it's not just Soviet history) why… - 3 months ago

@JohnFMiller86: @cvaldary @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO It's also used by mainstream media. - 3 months ago

@EnterTheNeuron: @cvaldary @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO Only a small percentage of the population views it as a slur, so your point is moot. - 3 months ago

@cvaldary: @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO Also this assessment ignores all of Russian history, in which the term cosmopolita… - 3 months ago

@cvaldary: @yhazony @Sam_Schulman @HawleyMO “Anyone with a Stanford BA in history” and what percentage of the population is th… - 3 months ago

@SGLawrence: @Sam_Schulman @marklevinshow @benshapiro @bennyjohnson @tskywalker @TuckerCarlson @AndrewPollackFL @rogerlsimon… - 3 months ago

@WarpedMirrorPMB: @Sam_Schulman @TheMiddle123 @ifnotnow Indeed, they're quite nasty. - 3 months ago

@melkaylan: @Sam_Schulman Because it’s newish - 3 months ago

@AynRiedel98: @Sam_Schulman yep! and everyone he endorses, loses ( almost everyone) - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman I'm totally open to the presentation of evidence. Show me examples, and I'll concede the point. - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman Yes, and I agree with you that that's ridiculous. None of the "squad" are illegal immigrants, nor were their parents. - 3 months ago

@defnotfedsloth: @Sam_Schulman @jaynordlinger I thought Nordlinger's take was interesting. Then again, if the political class were a… - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman No, it's not. It's directed very specifically against Trump's anti-immigrant comments. - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman Yes, that's the ridiculous fringe stuff, and it's unquestionably awful and monstrous. I'm not defend… - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman I have no doubt that anti-immigrant sentiment is popular in America--especially among relatively rece… - 3 months ago

@EugeneSeidel: @DanFined @Sam_Schulman Giant narcissist. Sadistic bully. Scourge of small contractors. Practitioner of scorched-ea… - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman I agree that the racism charge is unwarranted. But it's directed at Trump's xenophobic attack on Oma… - 3 months ago

@dansblog1: @Sam_Schulman It's the linkage of the two that's the issue. Omar's anti-Americanism is bad from anyone. "She shou… - 3 months ago

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