Peter Drummond

Australian politician
Died on Tuesday December 10th 2013

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Tweets related to Peter Drummond:

@kev17breen: @Oldfirmfacts1 @peter_drummond They seem like nice boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

@peter_drummond: RT @Oldfirmfacts1: "I never dreamed I'd get to meet my hero" says Ronaldo after meeting Aberdeen's Ash Taylor

@peter_drummond: RT @Oldfirmfacts1: He's taking it well to be fair

@joshua_drummond: @SteveBraunias @DavidSlack @sumostevenson @soul_patrol @CritiKarl @teradar mayo is the Peter Dunne of condiments: centrist and boring


@kirst_drummond: @demz_xxxx I'm doing those two want me to send you the photos?? Peter Chang and rene lalique😩x

@peter_drummond: RT @dollydigital: Can't help thinking that if Sevilla had been smart, they'd have signed Darren 'the dazzler' Mackie... #UELfinal http://t.…

@peter_drummond: RT @theredfinal: And there's a few folk owe John McBeth an apology.

@paulsturrock: @kev17breen @peter_drummond @Drummo639 FFS

@kev17breen: @paulsturrock @peter_drummond @Drummo639 your holes your hole

@paulsturrock: @kev17breen @peter_drummond @Drummo639 I'm 48. You're 48. What the fuck does that mean?

@kev17breen: @paulsturrock @peter_drummond @Drummo639 Yh yh

@paulsturrock: @kev17breen @peter_drummond @Drummo639 aye. Old wrinkly-flapped pensioners.

@kev17breen: @paulsturrock @peter_drummond @Drummo639 A lot of lonely ladies I try to help

@paulsturrock: @kev17breen @peter_drummond @Drummo639 self medicating doesn't count.

@kev17breen: @paulsturrock @peter_drummond @Drummo639 And my nat king cole

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