Pauline Wagner

American actress and glamour girl.
Died on Friday May 2nd 2014

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@savahywaxyn: RT @SundanceFFPix: Pauline Wagner at AMPAS' "Oscar Noir: 1940s Writing Nominees From Hollywood's Dark Side" #Oscars

@wagner_fiona: RT @ManonSchatz: Trop fière de Pauline, elle a eu son permiiiis!

@JeromeTMusic: @Pauline_Elena @PenelopeGege belle dédicace a Wagner qui était raciste ! je dit bravo !

@Pauline_Elena: @PenelopeGege @JeromeTMusic Ok alors je suis raciste :O #Wagner


@allimac33: This Bob Moses "All In All" album... 👌🏻. Thanks for the intro @Pauline_Wagner 😊.

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