Pat McDonagh

British-born Canadian fashion designer
Died on Saturday May 31st 2014

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@pat_auld: RT @NYRangers: #NYR Injuries: McDonagh fracture-right foot gm 4. Girardi Grade 1 MCL sprain gm 4. Staal - hairline fracture-ankle suffered …

@Pat_Pickens: Vascular injury, broken foot and brain contusion: three Rangers injuries this season that Ryan McDonagh was a part of

@Pat_Pickens: RT @KatieStrangESPN: Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh declined opportunity to say what was ailing him tonight; Alain Vigneault reveals he was …

@pat_auld: RT @CondescendTorts: There is no argument or discussion in what athletes are tougher. Ryan McDonagh just played a couple games with a broke…


@pat_auld: RT @PLeonardNYDN: Vigneault says McDonagh played a couple games through a broken foot

@Pat_Egan: Wonder how much is adjustments & how much is the preserve of McDonagh more in this period

@Pat_Pickens: With McDonagh taking regular shifts, safe to assume Matt Hunwick's time will diminish -- or perhaps run completely dry

@Pat_Pickens: Three shifts and 1:47 of ice time for McDonagh in the first. I'd expect more in the second

@Pat_Pickens: McDonagh is back prone on the bench next to Talbot. He hasn't taken a shift since his one and only after second TV TO

@Pat_Egan: Pierre McGuire is useless. Gets an interview with AV & doesn't ask about McDonagh?! Go home Regis.

@Pat_Pickens: McDonagh is going to take his first shift when the TV timeout ends

@Pat_Pickens: McDonagh is coming on the ice

@Pat_Pickens: McDonagh is on the bench sitting next to Cam Talbot

@Pat_Egan: Rangers without McDonagh, been without Zuccarello for over a month. HUGE loses on both side of the puck.

@Pat_Pickens: No shifts for McDonagh through 7:10

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