Nigel Groom

British author and perfume connoisseur.
Died on Wednesday March 5th 2014

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@Nigel_Groom: Engineering summed up. @ Queens Building

@Nigel_Groom: a year to the day since Nigels adventure in London @MidgeThompson @NBrennan94 @ToddHaslewood

@Nigel_Groom: If there is a god, Allardyce will go to Liverpool. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Nigel_Groom: I hope Mike Ashley wakes up everyday with a thousand insects in his bed until he either dies or sells the club and fucks off.


@Nigel_Groom: Fellaini is easily the joint biggest piece of shit in football, alongside Costa.

@Nigel_Groom: RT @PoliticalReactz: Newcastle 1-0 West Ham.

@keenaires: @Nigel_Groom @Jalopnik It's like he was the one calling the shots about that stop. C'mon Jalopnik!!!

@Nigel_Groom: @F1_Retro Duh. Just not in his nature though, he doesn't have the capacity for it.

@Nigel_Groom: @Jalopnik How MERCEDES blew an easy victory. Get it right.

@Nigel_Groom: RT @LOTRReactss: #ThingsMoreUsefulThanLiverpoolsDefence Gondors defence of Osgilitah

@Nigel_Groom: RT @TheOddsBible: Half time poll: What's more useless? RT for Liverpool's defence FAV for cock flavoured lollipops

@Nigel_Groom: The Mark Hughes Train has no brakes.

@Nigel_Groom: How much do I not want to watch "John Terry Captain, Leader, Legend" 😂😂😂😂 @SkySports you don't half produce some shite.

@Nigel_Groom: @MercedesAMGF1 "Class" would be wiping the fucking smug grin off his face!

@Nigel_Groom: RT @nigelmansell: Well I was told to stay out in Australia and the tyre blew ,I wish I had come in.Point is you can't win.

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