Nick Sharkey

English footballer (Sunderland).
Died on Sunday February 8th 2015

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@sharkey_nick: HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

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@sharkey_nick: Thanks Chris.


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@sharkey_nick: @JeffRisdon Great to hear. Get well soon.

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@Nick_Keyes14: @sharkey_austin @LorenzMenina then don't talk shit and not back it up

@Nick_Keyes14: @sharkey_austin @LorenzMenina but you won't fight me

@sharkey_nick: I'm in 1000%

@sharkey_nick: I wish... #GiveTeddyMyBest

@sharkey_nick: Oh, ok.

@sharkey_nick: Do you?

@sharkey_nick: I was just a Killer groupie. #RIPKiller

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