Neil Reynolds

Canadian newspaper editor (The Ottawa Citizen)
Died on Sunday May 19th 2013

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@Miss_AshleYVA: @Ashley_Reynolds what!? That wont last long..Last time I watched Devon had stole Neil wife. I been watching since I was a kid. It's classic.

@Ashley_Reynolds: @Miss_AshleYVA Me too. They stick to their core. I skip months, come back and still recognize folks (they bout to hook up Neil & Nikki lol)

@neil_reynolds: "It may be natural for a scholar to consider the accuracy of your terms, but God especially notes the sincerity of your soul." C.H. Spurgeon

@neil_reynolds: Tuesday's Post: Pain Propels


@neil_reynolds: "The devil can't make a good person bad. He aggravates what's already in you through lies." @timkellernyc

@moosamatt: RT @toffeeboy1974: @nfl_uk less Neil reynolds

@toffeeboy1974: @nfl_uk less Neil reynolds

@rush_neil: RT @ScreenRelish: FOX are making progress with their expanded comic book adaptions as they begin to deviate from solely focusing on... http…

@neil_reynolds: "The vision? The vision is Jesus. Obsessively, dangerously, undeniably Jesus." @PeteGreig

@neil_reynolds: "Whenever...students have...given themselves to live @ the intersection of prayer, mission & justice, lives have been changed." @PeteGreig

@neil_reynolds: "We will never have more of what we truly desire until we become fully thankful for what we have." @MichaelHyatt

@neil_reynolds: Great stuff!

@neil_reynolds: I finally got around to reading "God on Campus" by Trent Sheppard. Phenomenal book! I couldn't put it down.

@ch2m: RT @raedasaraireh: Neil Reynolds: governments in GCC are rewriting laws to allow P3 funding as key financing stream. @ch2m @meeddubai http:…

@neil_reynolds: Eden received the principal's award for making all A's all year long! katereynolds14

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