Mikhail Kalashnikov

Russian weapons designer (AK-47
Died on Monday December 23rd 2013

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@elmaalem68: Mikhail Kalashnikov صاحب اشهر و اعظم مدفع رشاش في العالم و الذي هزم العوزي الاسرائيلي و البرته الاميركي http://t.co/Pb2dmHFTK2

@avatarsdfghjkl: inclusive mikhail kalashnikov ganhou um premio stalin eu não sei o que é um premio stalin vou descobrir agora

@mcneilfarms: @GunsnHarleys I would like to state my Love for Gen Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov and his Firearm design in WW2 :)

@DefesaNet: Mikhail Kalashnikov descendants’ rights not to be infringed http://t.co/eyS57HIaDU @RostecRussia http://t.co/YeZYIzDx33


@HammerTimeTacti: RT @Gunfreaks: #Ak47: Designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov (1946-1948);Fire rate (600 rds/min); Muzzle velocity715 m/s (2,350 ft/s) http://t.co/…

@bennosaurus: @thwphipps @ctrlmalt "I wish I had invented an ale instead. With caramel, incendiary tropical fruit, and lychee" - Mikhail Kalashnikov

@DarkWing_V: uno ve noticias de las guerras y guerritas del mundo y se da cuenta de que la influencia estética de Mikhail Kalashnikov no tiene par

@scumbag_ebooks: One of the requirements for buying an AK47 should be a critical analysis on the poetry of Mikhail Kalashnikov.

@theRealUche_P: 😤 Mikhail Kalashnikov, not happy "@UberFacts: Alfred Nobel, creator of the Nobel Peace Prize, invented dynamite and other deadly weapons."

@SIT_DOWN_FAM: Mikhail Kalashnikov invented the Ak47 at 22 I'm sure I can do something groundbreaking too

@Kay__S: Mikhail Kalashnikov is another example of why Russia is a superpower country,yet they still chilled.. Then we got the US -_-

@curiosos_br: Mikhail Kalashnikov nunca chegou a terminar o ensino médio. Durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial foi ferido e nesse... http://t.co/E9O6BlCBAe

@kingstone899: Михаил Калашников Mikhail Kalashnikov overleden. Hoop dat de AK-47, het wapen dat wereldwijd de meeste doden veroorzaakt met hem sterft.

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