Mike Hinton

American guitarist
Died on Thursday August 1st 2013

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@Mike_Hinton_24: RT @FunnyPicsDepot: Dude gotta skip prom now…matter fact he gotta drop out and finish high school online http://t.co/b2CN7Db7eu

@Mike_Hinton_24: You ever wonder what it all really means?

@Mike_Hinton_24: Nowadays I like R&B more than rap

@Mike_Hinton_24: RT @GoatRapLines: Drake seeing these post like http://t.co/jCcHnUELIy


@Mike_Hinton_24: I remember when androids didn't even have emojis

@Mike_Hinton_24: Class of '15 🙏🏾 http://t.co/j2hPZ5V9Dx

@mike_t_hinton: RT @ValaAfshar: Global population: 1 @facebook 2 China 3 Tencent 4 India 5 @WhatsApp 6 @LinkedIn 7 United States 8 @instagram 9 @twitter…

@Mike_Hinton_24: Hopin' for a check again ain't no tellin

@Mike_Hinton_24: RT @Xzaari: Chance The Rapper makes music for the black kids who took all AP/honor classes, but didn't become "Oreos" ✊🏿

@mike_t_hinton: Arsenal 2 - 0 up to Aston villa #FACupFinal - take it home lads

@Mike_Hinton_24: I'm cool being me

@Mike_Hinton_24: @mercerdemarrio the man above

@mercerdemarrio: @Mike_Hinton_24 on what

@Mike_Hinton_24: Chance dropped the album for free 😮

@Mike_Hinton_24: RT @ayomich_: I wish they had Martin on Netflix.

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