Michael Schofield

British sociologist and campaigner.
Died on Thursday March 27th 2014

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@MarcBrickk: How can a dog be moving like Michael Schofield

@sarhyxs: @_amna13 I can help. I'll be the Michael Schofield to your Dominic #PrisonBreak

@nowshinhus_: I would happily go prison just so michael schofield can break me out😍

@MichaelKleopa7: Ari Gold has got to be one of the sickest guys I've seen on television. Along with Michael Schofield, of course...


@shadesofcooll: Lool did this not occur to Michael Schofield @LBC

@lydialewis_: Need a Michael schofield in my life

@RachelCarney3: @JennyyGregory Michael Schofield though 😍😍😍

@EllieeeHoppingX: RT @bobrown__: Michael Schofield has a special place in my heart

@EllieeeHoppingX: RT @CallMe_Coward: That Michael Schofield and Sara Tancredi love

@EllieeeHoppingX: RT @nandd98: Why does Michael Schofield have to die tho?? Harry Potter, Spiderman n people like that never die so why does Mikey have to

@melad_tilko: Still can't believe Michael Schofield is gay

@nicolah84: Arrrgh Michael Schofield you cause me such stress….even though I’ve seen it and know what happens already!!!! #prisonbreak

@GeorgiaaBoshell: Michael Schofield. 🙋

@abcdefghena: RT @zeheen98: I am the next Michael Schofield

@nasfactor3000: RT @MetalMushin: Michael Schofield's about to become The Man. I have faith in him. You should too, #BroncosCountry. Elway drafted him for a…

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