Matthew Sands

American physicist.
Died on Saturday September 13th 2014

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Tweets related to Matthew Sands:

@leeakrish: Alright world lets just give Jerry Sands and Matthew Dellevadova their MVPs right now

@KLeighB47: Jerry Sands and Matthew Dellavedova...#MostDangerousManInCleveland #LateNightTribeLive

@leeakrish: @BrutalStephanie Jerry Sands is Jesus, Matthew Dellevadova is a god& LeBron James is still the King

@Jake_53_Sands: RT @Bible_Time: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. -Matthew 5:7


@Matthew_Adams1: RT @ramez: Corn ethanol is worse for climate change than tar sands or Keystone XL. by @Cassidy_Emily It's time to …

@Matthew_Whalley: RT @guardianeco: How a Canadian town sold itself to tar sands #kiitg

@Sands_01: RT @about__Jesus: Beware of false prophets. They come to you disguised as sheep, but inside they're ferocious wolves. -Matthew 7:15.

@Coach_Diller: Congratulations to boys 4x1 for qualifying for regional finals. Ian Moser, Kyle Sands, Matthew Alspach, & Mason Warnimont.

@gamba_laura_: Matthew Sands forever killed my grade with that last quiz we took

@ChannelleWhite: On CHRIST the solid Rock I stand! All other grounds are sinking sands! Matthew 7:24-29

@timchodz: Cleveland crowds chanting for Matthew Dellavedova and Jerry Sands this year, just like we all expected.

@Sands_01: RT @about__Jesus: What you believe is what will happen to you. -Matthew 8:13 (please retweet).

@GzusAgnt007: RT @LeannEAF: @500px: White Sands National Monument, New Mexico by Matthew Liteplo: #TravelTuesday…

@ChadHirschy: C-R T&F Regional Qualifiers: Matthew Alspach 400, Mason Warnimont 100 & 200, 4x1 & 4x2 (Ian Moser, Kyle Sands, Alspach,Warnimont)

@sky_tools: dronemaniac: RT Matthew W. Marcus TheMarcus : The TeslaMotors #Gigafactory rises from the sands. Amazing! elonmus…

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