Margaret Rodgers

Australian deaconess.
Died on Saturday May 31st 2014

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Tweets related to Margaret Rodgers:

@porter20071006: Helped nearby drivers by reporting a car stopped on the shoulder on Woodall Rodgers / Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas on @waze - Drive ...

@cush42: @Margaret_Major according to most people Rodgers can not keep his mouth shut ,that's why the media love him.

@Margaret_Major: @cush42 I know and I'm torn. .. I can see the problems of this season and we over performed last but Rodgers has shown naivety too

@cush42: @Margaret_Major not disagreeing but he had a poor season and got sacked Rodgers had had 2 out of 3 poor seasons.


@Margaret_Major: So FSG set to review everything apart from Rodgers position. Glad we're not a hire & fire club but... Who do you see better & available?

@Dakegro: Join us for exclusive small group tours (max. 25), fully escorted by Margaret Rodgers, a native of England, who...

@cousinit99: @Margaret_Major

@Margaret_Major: Does anyone else keep popping on here just to check if #Rodgers still has his job? #LFC

@FreeKentHovind: @RepJeffMiller Please help us #FreeKentHovind, another victim of Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, this time a pastor

@imagine369: Many of you may or may not know that Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers attempted to put two school teachers in prison...

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