Mac McGarry

American television quiz show host (It's Academic)
Died on Thursday December 12th 2013

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Tweets related to Mac McGarry:

@eljimosabe: @Cockers_ @diymagazine Cool. That's Pierce McGarry not Mac :P

@Tani_apre7: LOL! Mac DeMarco le hizo cover a “Yellow” de Coldplay en Primavera Sound…

@FILTERMexico: Mac DeMarco (@msldemarco) le hizo un cover bastante random a Coldplay en @Primavera_Sound:

@isra_gi68: Mac DeMarco y Pierce McGarry interpretando “Yellow” desde Primavera Sound… LOL


@Pre_ludes: Es un lunes normal hasta que te acuerdas de Pierce McGarry cantando Coldplay en el PS mientras Mac DeMarco arregla su guitarra.

@Caitlin_McGarry: @megapenguinx Go to Firefly on Paradise by the convention center, order the stuffed dates and the mac and cheese, thank me later.

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