Leon Bass

American educator and WWII soldier.
Died on Saturday March 28th 2015

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@grlgang: RT @bitterboundary: @alt_J hey! Leon bass cover with a cat :D :D - https://t.co/SWqYZa0QJF

@bitterboundary: @alt_J hey! Leon bass cover with a cat :D :D - https://t.co/SWqYZa0QJF

@peibol_bass: RT @Reflex_volucion: Nazis en mayo: León Arganzuela Valladolid Valencia Hoy queman puesto en San Fdo de Henares donde dormían inmigrantes h…

@inflamescrime: luminous illusion (Bass) by tetsugo http://t.co/T05XyRk1wU http://t.co/YzUxB09jsQ


@Bass_Mode: @Leon_Krauze is so sexy!

@Maura_FR: @JaneR_FR + esas flores de alli *el niño asintio y empezo a corree llamando a Bass y arrancó algunos dientes de leon, miré a Jane+

@Bass_Mode: @Leon_Krauze looking very handsome in your profile pick!

@ARedNightmare: A Red Nightmare lineup 2015 Leon Ferreira - vocal Vinicius Carvalho - guitar Marcos Saraiva - bass Luciano Camara... http://t.co/RSb9pzuAAo

@bass_claustro: "Aún hay esperanza para todo aquel que está entre los vivos; porque mejor es perro vivo que león muerto." ( ECLESIASTÉS 09 : 4 )

@_fourmargaritas: The bass in On Call// Kings of Leon makes me feel good things

@AngelDustComUA: I liked a @YouTube video from @angeldustcomua http://t.co/anu1SOqH9f Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire (Bass Cover)

@Sandi_Bass_: RT @Fashionista_com: André Leon Talley's advice for students who want to work in fashion? Get off the Internet: http://t.co/h7MTgC5BJq http…

@us_promo: @leon_erickson: Just doing some live shit!! XD #Trap #Music #TrapMusuc #808 #BASS #trance #EDM #EDMFAMILY #Dance #… https://t.co/m4aKSmwBhf

@leon_erickson: Just doing some live shit!! XD #Trap #Music #TrapMusuc #808 #BASS #trance #EDM #EDMFAMILY #Dance #HipHop https://t.co/YA2kID6AGZ

@akairo_Leon: #nowplaying Ryu☆ & L.E.D.-G - bass 2 bass (dj MAX STEROID Remix) / cyber beatnation 2 -Hi Speed conclusion- http://t.co/XhxqugRIw6

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