Koos Van Den Akker

Dutch-born American fashion designer.
Died on Tuesday February 3rd 2015

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Tweets related to Koos Van Den Akker:

@poodagoberto: UC Vogue Koos Van Den Akker Couture American Designer Sz14-20 Dress Pattern 1187 http://t.co/1tJ3XHdbPO http://t.co/goyVpK1jIn

@tinomierce: Vogue 1146 Koos Van Den Akker Couture Coat Pattern 8-14 American Designer Fall http://t.co/aOnwLYUkXe http://t.co/wTEfLcknic

@homsguzman: Vogue 1441 Koos van den Akker Couture Coat Pattern 4-14 American Designer Style http://t.co/L5kVWTm0RZ http://t.co/JQL2ASXHoJ

@andinore: Vogue 1213 Koos Van Den Akker Coat Pattern 6-12 Lined A Line American Designer http://t.co/BegnWah8Xe http://t.co/RjapBUQ3z3


@ezra_andra: Vogue 1311 Koos van den Akker Couture Designer Pattern Bags Lined Totes USA http://t.co/qwo83y4RYf http://t.co/elgTB3s6Mw

@expositogil5: Vogue 1403 Koos Van Den Akker Couture Lined Bags Pattern American Designer V1403 http://t.co/8w03bKEX8Z http://t.co/EhdArwfu2r

@tinomierce: Vogue UC pattern 1146 Koos Couture Size 16-22 Flared Coat Koos Van Den Akker http://t.co/pVTrZ1kk2F http://t.co/KG8ujIZIpW

@gianlucaespino: Vogue 1401 Koos Van Den Akker Couture Dress Pattern 8-16 American Designer Style http://t.co/9qEG38oMcR http://t.co/QPxMNbAht4

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