Katie Holmes

Actress, Model

Has Katie Holmes died??

It appears not, Katie Holmes seems very much alive, currently at age 41

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@firstnamescott: @pattonoswalt Katie Holmes Day!!

@DailyMailCeleb: Katie Holmes looks chic in plaid and denim as she joins boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. for a bike ride around NYC

@e_berniebromo: @taber She’s like the opposite of Yoko Ono somehow? And a little bit Katie Holmes.


@nick0time: i don’t think it’s just vogue, but it might be. but for some reason EVERY DAY i see a new article about what katie…

@Petite_Puce06: RT @voguemagazine: Katie Holmes has found the perfect fall biking outfit.

@HeidiLeinonen: RT @voguemagazine: Katie Holmes has found the perfect fall biking outfit.

@voguemagazine: Katie Holmes has found the perfect fall biking outfit.

@NostromoMag: #ElSecretoAtréveteaSoñar Thriller basado en la novela de Rhonda Byrne que está protagonizado por Katie Holmes y Jos…

@LuzanoB: Vote 2020: Michelle Obama's necklace, Katie Holmes' tee and more merch

@diegojoshmendez: Young Katie Holmes was such a babe! ♥️

@ekhurana28: RT @caseweatherhead: Meet Katie Van Dusen, a second-year #MBA student with a passion for social good. Katie completed her internship this s…

@marieclaire_es: El parecido de #SuriCruise con su madre, Katie Holmes, es realmente espectacular

@FitCasuallyMODA: Katie Holmes Wears Gucci Loafers to Bike With Her Boyfriend ◌ ➥ Liana Satenstein 🗞️…

@katie_holmes_: RT @HamillHimself: Happy Birthday Carrie Frances Fisher.🎂 the world will never stop missing you..... 💔

@yo_dona: Gabardina, abrigos masculinos, de cuadros.... Encontramos la inspiración en Katie Holmes.

@CneytKsa7: @IsabelGlda1 O şimdi emekli, Yves memnun ve sakin bir yaşam için sabırsızlanabilir. Tom kesinlikle Mary'nin hoşland…

@KaiseratCB: Katie Holmes is ‘authentically herself’ & ‘playing by her own rules’ with Emilio Vitolo

@Athbheochan: @PhilGreaves01 Remember Katie Holmes and the euthanasia vans ?

@jaceyism: @daylightdavis i dont understand how people can say that like.. katie holmes is probably the most beautiful woman ive ever seen

@mmail0: Rachel Weisz/ Katie Holmes yo no se cual es cual

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