Juanita Moore

American actress (Imitation of Life).
Died on Wednesday January 1st 2014

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@pantoja_juanita: Bout to go to Moore🙆🏽

@jerido_rev: Juanita Moore dies at 99; black actress in 'Imitation of Life' earned Oscar nod - latimes http://t.co/WIWOaI5KI5 via @latimes

@SemanticEarth: Juanita Moore, at 99, Oscar-winning actress #Culture http://t.co/dn6alboXdn http://t.co/u9iaSxYrkS

@amblackjournal: .@shendersonfreep talked w/Juanita Moore, President & CEO of @TheWrightMuseum, about exciting events at the museum http://t.co/R8w9ZPuGPY


@TexasMugshots: Juanita Moore http://t.co/g7WJTyDDuM

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