Johnny Bos

American boxer and author
Died on Saturday May 11th 2013

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@leettaeyongs: @SRHansol @Johnny_SMR @kimdooyung @smrmark02 @Yuta__IRP dia bos gue

@Les_Bos: Johnny Hooker - Amor Marginal🎵

@bos_johnny: RT @ChevyOffroadin: #Chevy

@bos_johnny: My truck #GMC #Black


@bos_johnny: Just a nice clean truck now!!! #GMC #FabTech #XDSeries

@bos_johnny: Truck wash!!!!!! #CleanGMC

@bos_johnny: New tree stand!! #BearSeason

@bos_johnny: RT @SexRuIes: At this point I don't even care. I'm just going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

@bos_johnny: Some people just don't know how too do their jobs!!! #Work #Delayed #WTF

@bos_johnny: Watching the rain fall!! Stupid shity weather, only if it was duck season, because the mallards are everywhere!!! #Mallards #CantWait #Boom

@altintasgulsah_: Uzun aradan sonra cumartesinin boş olması ve güne harika bir Johnny Depp filmiyle başlamak 😍🎊🎉

@bos_johnny: RT @trudelk10: #Beauty

@bos_johnny: Great day fishing!!! #Walleye #LakeNosbonsing

@bos_johnny: Just the most beautiful evening with the most amazing person in the world!!!! #Sunset #MostAmazingPerson @trudelk10

@ArnieMGarcia: RT @WILLIEMONROEJR: People know everything about boxing but never put on a pair of gloves I miss Johnny Bos he use to say real boxing peopl…

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