John Kirby

American attorney
Died on Friday October 4th 2019

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@Victoramorss: RT @Retrospain_es: Muere John Kirby, el abogado que salvó a Nintendo de Universal Studios y puso nombre a Kirby #Retrospain - 5 days ago

@goMSUbuttboy69: @B1Gsav @ACSmith06 @john_kirby Shut up :( - 5 days ago

@B1Gsav: @goMSUbuttboy69 @ACSmith06 @john_kirby - 5 days ago

@Dot14Blue: @DisneyCityFC Also RIP John Kirby - 5 days ago

@Backwaterslick: @JohnKincade I thought about your tweet. I have never coached a college football game. But, I just watched a poorly… - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: Missouri > Baylor - 5 days ago

@TheoStillSad: @NintendoAmerica rip john kirby - 5 days ago

@CharlieKipp: @RedditCFB cc: @john_kirby - 5 days ago

@1CoolNate: @ACSmith06 @john_kirby @Wil__Hunter at this point I'm only counting on @MSU_Football to beat @RFootball and I'm ner… - 5 days ago

@John_Rich_son: @ugafanzone Coley is a trash OC. Kirby needs to change his offensive philosophy or things will get worse. - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: @CharlieKipp This is an incredible poster - 5 days ago

@CharlieKipp: @john_kirby New Jersey will be a big test next week! - 5 days ago

@JoeFerstle: These are my final words on MSU football @JRoseWXYZ @DanMillerFox2 @ACSmith06 @john_kirby @SGender @sarahnorris @KyleBogey971 - 5 days ago

@1CoolNate: @john_kirby You were also told MSU Defense was Elite. - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: I was told Nebraska was going to run away with the B1G West - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: @MichaelJJosephs @alexanderjbeer @JohnSteinlage @brosekrans new team. see the feed. - 5 days ago

@MichaelJJosephs: @alexanderjbeer @john_kirby @JohnSteinlage @brosekrans you guys ok? 👐🏼 - 5 days ago

@alexanderjbeer: @john_kirby Hahaha - 5 days ago

@JonnyVegass: @john_kirby Yessssss - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: Bout to go catch the 2H of the 2019-20 natty champs - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: @JonnyVegass On stubhub now - 5 days ago

@rd_steen: @JackiePengPlays @waruboy @BakonBaka @thomasfuchs - 5 days ago

@bualivah: @thomasgdocs PLEASE do the one about Universal v. Nintendo. R.I.P. John Kirby 1939-2019 - 5 days ago

@scarmiglione4: @Mike_Matei @cinemassacre Did you ever think that General Franklin Kirby helped Bennet set up the murder of John Ma… - 5 days ago

@SGender: @john_kirby - 5 days ago

@JonnyVegass: @john_kirby If they somehow, some way made it, you’d have to go. - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: You Gophs get your tickets to the CFP yet or........ - 5 days ago

@John_frickfrack: @NintendoVS kirby and ness - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: Pennsylvania is so EFFED - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: @mattfriedman4 They should tbh - 5 days ago

@mattfriedman4: @john_kirby Do they still use this? - 5 days ago

@John_M15: Then again, I saw Kirby trending and assumed it was El Camino related so don't go by me. - 5 days ago

@john_kirby: Inventing my own Minnesota Gopher cheers WELCOMED by the kind Minnesotans. - 5 days ago

@MaryJan62216031: RT @CNNnewsroom: Ret. Rear Admiral John Kirby outlines the potential humanitarian and political ramifications of Turkey’s military operatio… - 6 days ago

@SGTSparty: @SGender @ACSmith06 @john_kirby @SpartanConti067 My only issue with them is they look like high school unis - 6 days ago

@SGender: @ACSmith06 @john_kirby @SpartanConti067 I’m with Austin on this one - 6 days ago

@YoungChapQuotes: "Elton John was the first music that I ever heard" -Kirby Bulborb (2013) - 6 days ago

@Aver_new: RT @randomknow_bot: <82> 닌텐도에서 게임 Donkey Kong 을 발표했을 때, 유니버설 스튜디오에서 이 게임은 킹콩을 베낀 게임이라면서 고소했는데, 그 때 닌텐도가 법정에서 이길 수 있게 도와준 변호사 이름이 John Kirby - 6 days ago

@ACSmith06: @john_kirby @SpartanConti067 WRONG - 6 days ago

@WFMYhss: RT @bhallwfmy: Two of the best Head Coaches in the Triad. @NGHSFB ‘s @CoachEWfb & @EAHS_Football ‘s John Kirby. @WFMY @WFMYhss @eah_eagle… - 6 days ago

@owenbenj: @john_kirby Well I appreciate you - 6 days ago

@Phyl_Chambers: RT @bhallwfmy: Two of the best Head Coaches in the Triad. @NGHSFB ‘s @CoachEWfb & @EAHS_Football ‘s John Kirby. @WFMY @WFMYhss @eah_eagle… - 6 days ago

@panzogame1: RT @Nintendeal: John Kirby, the legendary attorney who Kirby is named after, has passed away at the age of 79. - 6 days ago

@panzogame1: RT @luulubuu: John Kirby, the lawyer who defended Nintendo from Universal in the 80s, and which later moved Nintendo to name one of its mos… - 6 days ago

@YoungChapQuotes: "John Lennon's in there twice!" -Kirby Bulborb (2016) - 6 days ago

@S_AM_Costa: RT @inside__history: *Only £2.95!* The first issue of Inside History focuses on the #History hof #medicine featuring articles from: Dr L… - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @VasaceFibonacci Panic! At The Disco wrote that one bro - 6 days ago

@JonnyVegass: @john_kirby - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @JonnyVegass CFB CFP-bound Minny game tomorrow? SAME. - 6 days ago

@JonnyVegass: @john_kirby Still think you should go to the CFB minny game tomorrow - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @JonnyVegass Currently snowing - 6 days ago

@JonnyVegass: @john_kirby How’s the weather in minny? - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @SpartanConti067 @ACSmith06 These are so, sooo bad - 6 days ago

@btccentermiami: RT @btccentermiami: Nintendo won the trial and as a token of gratitude created Kirby from the lawyer's last name. Published in The New Yor… - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: Deleting all tweets tonight to feel less shame in the AM. More bad tweets to come v soon. - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @JoeySaps Feeling stupid. Might delete. - 6 days ago

@JoeySaps: @john_kirby Cmon kirbs.... - 6 days ago

@TheRealKzoury: @Sheehan_Sports @john_kirby Tweets like this make me feel a bit more normal for my sports related antics around my wife’s family - 6 days ago

@goMSUbuttboy69: @john_kirby Welp - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @goMSUbuttboy69 Oh I’m sorry SOBER GUY - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @VasaceFibonacci Drunj - 6 days ago

@john_kirby: @owenbenj I’m literally doing my best and it’s not good enough - 6 days ago

@goMSUbuttboy69: @john_kirby Bro that was blink 182 - 6 days ago

@owenbenj: @john_kirby Blink 182? - 6 days ago

@RojoRurba002: RT @CNNnewsroom: Retired Rear Admiral John Kirby outlines the area where Turkey's offensive to move US-backed Kurdish forces away from the… - 6 days ago

@CoachCorbin_: RT @bhallwfmy: Two of the best Head Coaches in the Triad. @NGHSFB ‘s @CoachEWfb & @EAHS_Football ‘s John Kirby. @WFMY @WFMYhss @eah_eagle… - 6 days ago

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