Joe Palumbo

American football player (Virginia Cavaliers)
Died on Thursday December 5th 2013

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@Infinite_Labs: SUPERMAN SHOULDERS by IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo


@RobbieDurand: SUPERMAN SHOULDERS by IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo

@runyouthrough: I def. don't want to do manual labour as a career but I have such a soft spot for it. It's satisfying work. S/o joe palumbo

@RCKLSSpauly: RT @_ChrisCruzz: We out here !!!! @Joe_Ellaa @goldfishgary @rcklsspauly @pete_palumbo

@_ChrisCruzz: We out here !!!! @Joe_Ellaa @goldfishgary @rcklsspauly @pete_palumbo

@marylynstyles: With Jay Cutler and Joe Ifbb Pro Joseph Palumbo !

@marylynstyles: Such a pleasure...with Jay Cutler and Joe Palumbo 😊💪😁

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