Joe McCabe

Irish hurler (Clonad
Died on Tuesday January 8th 2019

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@WishingOnStars3: @OhShitShinoda @Julie__McCabe @motivase42 @Majka2865 They better leave Joe alone too - 5 months ago

@MaryPharaoh: @WalshFreedom Joe, we find out today that Comey, McCabe, Baker & Weissman were warned by Bruce Ohr that the Dossier… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: WTF? - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @robreiner: Trump is the target of a counter intelligence investigation. Let that sink in. The President of the United States may be con… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @Goss30Goss: Bernie Sanders supporters need to ask why the hell he supports Russian Oligarchs. He doesn't need to get near the goddamn… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @SenBlumenthal: Today Barr told me, "there are two different reports… Under the current regulations, the Special Counsel report is confi… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @waltshaub: GSA’s Inspector General finds that the “decision to exclude the emoluments issues from GSA’s consideration of the [Old Post… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @funder: Screw you, trolls!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #WheresMitch #WheresMitch #WheresMitch It’s trending cuz we know your tricks! #TheResista… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @AllResistNews: Let’s amplify voices that are fighting for Americans amidst this shutdown. RETWEET, FOLLOW, & SHARE: @SpeakerPelosi @A… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @RepSwalwell: Very grateful to the FBI and law enforcement who worked the case and stopped this attack. They should be paid. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @RBReich @embolina95 If it walks like asset and talks like an asset it's an asset. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @MalcolmNance: The moment Russia and Assad took over patrolling Manbij on Trumps go ahead we get hit with suicide bombers for the first… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @RepAdamSchiff: I used to joke that the best evidence the President is not an asset of the Russians is that his policies have been so pr… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @SethAbramson So um, if the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to get Trump elected, doesn't that still mean… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @SethAbramson: BREAKING: Trump Lawyer Giuliani Reverses Position on Collusion, No Longer Says There Was No Collusion Between Trump Campa… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @SenWarren: 8,200 federal workers in MA – including members of the Coast Guard, TSA agents, air traffic controllers, health care provide… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @RBReich: Senate Republicans have refused to vote to reopen the U.S. government, but have no problem voting to lift sanctions on a Russi… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @funder: We are The Resistance. 🇺🇸 We’re the Americans who stood up to protect our democracy, when Trump began to hurt it. We’re strong… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @ChrisMurphyCT: Just a reminder that we could end this shutdown TODAY if Mitch McConnell let us vote on the same legislation we passed u… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @MalcolmNance: As @sarahkendzior says America is now a Russian Proxy State. Apparently the #RepublicanParty is now Moscow’s #TreasonCauc… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @MaryPoopins5 🤣 - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @MaryPoopins5: I’m super jealous that Sandra Bullock can run blindfolded in the forest. I can’t even make it from the bathroom to my bed… - 5 months ago

@joe_lender: @SenSchumer @JudiciaryDems @realDonaldTrump Like the abuse of power by Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Clinton, Rosenstein, S… - 5 months ago

@Joe_A_Mac: RT @TsrTrump: Ex-Trump Atty: Top FBI Officials Involved In Coup Against President Trump - 5 months ago

@joe_webmonger: RT @JordanSchachtel: Only 2 tenable explanations for McCabe FBI opening up investigation into Trump-Russia. Both really bad: 1. Total incom… - 5 months ago

@MarthaP14109814: RT @Luckylaurie2: @MarthaP14109814 @BuckSexton @LisaMarieBoothe @POTUS I agree, and no on Barr @POTUS it is a set up he is one of them, the… - 5 months ago

@ArcticRoc: @mccabe_joe @StevenBeschloss #RussiaGate - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @MaryPoopins5: @walterowensgrpa Order the First Lady Ivanka Salad. Or the Presidential Word Salad. And ketchup. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @thehill That's nice. Why don't they slam home for being a traitor? Or delusional? Or a liar? Or a demagogue? Or racist? - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @gtconway3d: And also a disgrace that nothing he says—not even his denial of something as extraordinary as this—can be taken at face val… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @DerekCressman Because they obviously don't care about our democracy. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @Comey: This is not okay, not normal. That the witness intimidation continues while hundreds of thousands of honest public servants are… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @RogueSNRadvisor Nope. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: 🤣 - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @StevenBeschloss Hell McConnell is pretty much the point man and Trump is his wing man. At this point I actually th… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @jules_su: Hey folks, just here to remind you that Republicans won the popular vote exactly one time in the last 30 years. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @RawStory "disloyal"? Trump is not a king or dictator yet....The FBI owes it's loyalty to the American people and t… - 5 months ago

@StaceyLGibbons: RT @MH_Athletics: Lots of action at the Joe McCabe wrestling tournament today! @MapleHill_HS @SchodackCSD - 5 months ago

@joe_nuzz: RT @BarbaraRedgate: “Little did I know that it appears they were all in it together” John Dowd said. “I mean Rosenstein Comey Mueller McCab… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: RT @onlythesewords: @WhiteHouse 90% of farms are less than $350,000 of revenue a year, the median wealth of farmers was less than $1 mill.… - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @lisamurkowski Do they? Really? How about opening the govt so furloughed fed employees can afford to buy their own. PATHETIC. - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: Yep - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @DearAuntCrabby I hope so cause I'm a furloughed fed employee who needs a paycheck and healthcare coverage. - 5 months ago

@joe_nuzz: RT @themarketswork: My latest @EpochTimes McCabe’s FBI Tried to Re-engage Christopher Steele After Comey Was Fired - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: This - 5 months ago

@mccabe_joe: @politico Jail time for @SenMajLdr McConnell for crimes against our democracy and our citizenry! - 5 months ago

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