Jimmy C. Newman

American country music singer
Died on Saturday June 21st 2014

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@soulierteodosio: JIMMY C NEWMAN Folk Songs Of The Bayou Country LP 13 Track Reissue Of 1963 Lp Bu http://t.co/0k8wMDLJNr http://t.co/elilybnO3E

@NORadioOnAir: @NewOrleansRadio is now playing Jimmy C. Newman - #ChereToutetoute on http://t.co/Mht3VqqFCk

@NewOrleansRadio: @NewOrleansRadio is now playing Jimmy C. Newman - #ChereToutetoute on http://t.co/BhLfJjfk9A

@ROCKIN6to6: Jimmy C. Newman - Daydreamin' ....Now Playing On http://t.co/ttDs9OfHyy


@TheLiviB: Kevin Fontenot kept his tradition of keeping the audience laughing at #TwangTownICMC while honoring Jimmy C Newman http://t.co/wCz4c2Pip5

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