Jean King

American politician
Died on Sunday November 24th 2013

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Tweets related to Jean King:

@susanrtynan: RT @SteveCase: "Pressure is a privilege" @BillieJeanKing

@King_Skela: RT @Mehdi75LP: Jean-Vincent #Placé et #DSK passent visiblement un bon moment au Stade de France. #PSG-#Auxerre. (photo AFP)…

@Jean_Prev: RT @kaaashif: smoke on Broadway. King School at Putnam on fire. #cambma

@jean_coonan: RT @ElaineByrne: Deafening silence by @FineGael on Denis O'Brien "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"…


@NigarHale: RT @flaviaarsenault: "Everyone can do something extraordinary." -Billie Jean King. #TEDxPasadenaWomen @TEDxPasadenaWmn

@InnovTriValley: The Billy Jean King Leadership Initiative is abt people being able to be their authentic self in workplaces #TedxLivermore @bjklinitiative

@RLawrenceeSage: RT @flaviaarsenault: "Everyone can do something extraordinary." -Billie Jean King. #TEDxPasadenaWomen @TEDxPasadenaWmn

@Martynw34: @mjjwoman @gymrat06 Billie Jean King does , does she count ?

@InnovTriValley: Back from lunch and now Billie Jean King brings us back to #TedxWomen topics! #TedxLivermore

@Martynw34: @Amerita @Yolitatennis ask Billie Jean King who does she think is best ?

@BS_Fsearching: Baby boy Casteel DOB: 4/14/75 cottonwood Hospital Murray,Utah BP Rae Jean Lee &James Casteel Physician was Dr. King

@MySportsComplex: Sports are a microcosm of society. ~Billie Jean King

@Fine_Life: @Madison_Keys PS. I found article you wrote via tweet about it by Billie Jean King ;-) And you just appeared on TV ad here for Grass Season!

@StinkyandEddie: Seconds after following @DickTheGame (based on Melville's novel), Twitter suggested that I follow Billie Jean King. Should I be disturbed?

@ricardoul: RT @STACKMedia: "A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.” - Billie Jean King

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