Jane Bown

British photographer (The Observer).
Died on Sunday December 21st 2014

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Tweets related to Jane Bown:

@Stan_Ferguson: Belatedly caught the 'Looking For Light: Jane Bown' documentary. Bloody marvellous too. https://t.co/KdNMZgl0Ih

@JBroughtonPhoto: Watching last nights @SkyArts program about Jane Bown, what an incredible woman, doing her own thing in her own way. Beautiful images !

@PitchsidePro: It's Friday! Just watching a short film on Jane Bown the portrait photographer #lookingforlight http://t.co/mSeHBDp30e

@machroi: @connormcc there was an interesting doco on Sky Arts last night about Jane Bown - good watch for old-school portraiture


@matteristblog: Portrait Photographer Jane Bown's Hidden Self - http://t.co/ixVzSM1PaY

@NowTVCatchup: Now available on #NowTV - Jane Bown: Looking For Light 1.1 for 29 days http://t.co/gOYzWqQ0co http://t.co/7dTTinfh74

@designs_photos: Finally got to see the profile on Jane Bown on Sky Arts. Such a great portrait photographer.

@Frecklesmahony: The late Jane Bown, such talent! http://t.co/xH4qdJ2lCt

@phcostel: Looking for Light Jane Bown @SkyArts right now or Catch Up http://t.co/3l3Vw9IYwL

@streetfotouk: Coffee,check ! Chocolate cake x2 bits , check ! Jane Bown , check !

@PhilOCPhotos: If you can view Sky Arts 1 now then do. It's about Jane Bown my favourite photographer.

@streetfotouk: Reminder ! Jane Bown Documentary starts on Sky Arts at 9.00pm tonight, enjoy ! Great British Tog !

@MarkGreen88: Sky Arts 1 at nine - programme on fabulous photographer Jane Bown.

@MarkSteph001: The genius of Jane Bown. Glorious. https://t.co/1z5eM76oXf

@INethercoat: RT @thepooluk: Tonight: a look at the life of legendary photographer Jane Bown https://t.co/vO88A2eE83 http://t.co/XhJZUvTyBw

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