James Schaffer

American Christian leader.
Died on Sunday March 9th 2014

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@samanthasquared: @angie0705 @james_schaffer You'd be 3 in a sea of a thousand trick or treaters in Medfield.

@angie0705: @samanthasquared @james_schaffer If you got candy, we're gonna come a-knockin'

@samanthasquared: @angie0705 I've chosen your Halloween costumes. You = Emma Frost, @james_schaffer = Wolvereen, and baby Xander = Professor X

@cinepre_topics: アキヴァ・シェイファー(Akiva Schaffer)、アンディ・サムバーグ、ヨーマ・タッコンのThe Lonely Islandによる新作"Conner4real"で、ジェイムズ・バックリー(James Buckley)がキャストに加わったようだ。(Deadline)


@EmilyLindaman: James and Schaffer giving me life advice 😁😂

@gracianogarcia5: The Science and Design of Engineering Materials, 2nd Edition James P. Schaffer, http://t.co/2szgqjlrMD http://t.co/56eaTqfIQN

@marcosraymarcos: The Science and Design of Engineering Materials, 2nd Edition James P. Schaffer, http://t.co/Szs08JHISf http://t.co/qde8ct6s84

@Ben4RCCD: The reference is classic. I had to share it. I knew James Schaffer would appreciate it http://t.co/5ns2BCpyrf

@Mr_Schaffer: RT @BleacherReport: James Harden has an NBA Playoffs record 12 turnovers http://t.co/nvw6i1qwD9

@Mr_Schaffer: James Harden has the most assists for the Warriors tonight with 12 so far. A career high. He's really taking this team pretty far!

@Mr_Schaffer: James Harden out there breaking records on them boys. Legend.

@reid_schaffer: LeBron five straight Finals. Jordan never did that. Magic never did that. Bird never did that. But James Jones has!

@jess_schaffer: neenz is at james's house (WITHOUT ME) bonding with sherrie <# <3 <# <3 so cute

@logan_schaffer: RT @NOTNBATonight: The NBA has fined the black curtains 5K for their flop against James Harden. https://t.co/xo2qekLmdX

@jess_schaffer: james's mom just asked me to get a pedicure with her and I JUST got one😿 I feel so bad fml

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