James Massey

American information theorist
Died on Sunday June 16th 2013

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@negreteosman: NEW Travels and Adventures of James Massey. the Second Edition by Simon Tyssot D http://t.co/SgicyerMBX http://t.co/5Qecn5YcvF

@Nathan_Massey_: RT @NYDailyNews: Aurora shooter James Holmes loved comedies like 'Arrested Development' and 'Big Bang Theory' http://t.co/61IlybKu5k http:/…

@brennen_james: @dzsportsreport @ChrisLicata16 @KeeganMatheson @massey_evan thank you sir.

@ChrisLicata16: @dzsportsreport @brennen_james @KeeganMatheson @massey_evan Thanks for the S/O Daniel!


@KeeganMatheson: RT @dzsportsreport: #Packers fans: Follow @ChrisLicata16 @brennen_james @KeeganMatheson and @massey_evan from various sites for all the bes…

@dzsportsreport: #Packers fans: Follow @ChrisLicata16 @brennen_james @KeeganMatheson and @massey_evan from various sites for all the best instant analysis!

@Massey_609: RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Stephen Curry: 1st in NBA history to face every other member of 1st-Team All-NBA in a single postseason (Davis, M. Gasol…

@massey_almeida: RT @1DHQDaily: Niall James Third Wheel Horan. #1DForMMVA #ChoiceSongGroup Steal My Girl by One Direction #TeenChoice http://t.co/CyP8P65AJE

@Caspita_1989: @Dogknob1 @Joe_Hallenbeck @james_wright200 The red one is a Harley Davidson, er, I mean Massey Ferguson, isn't it?

@simplycworks: Friendship 9 members W. T. "Dub" Massey and James Wells are also members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,... http://t.co/Ggsds44GgP

@SpecialAuctionE: East of Eden '55 LASERDISC LD LB-James Dean/Raymond Massey/Julie Harris http://t.co/VBPg60vj5K http://t.co/pXkxPdeFVT

@Eff__jai: Kiron James Massey

@elb42: Bahahahahahahahaha this is wayyyyyy to funny...Jay Jay James Middleton Lacey Marie Middleton Donna Massey Justina... http://t.co/rEmYcXbs9F

@jorden_massey: RT @_JamieMassey_: The NBA Finals are set and I know who's gonna win and if you're not down with that I got two words for ya... Lebron James

@E_Massey_AZ: I'm so proud of James Harden!! Playoff record for turnovers in a game!!

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