Jack Vance

American science fiction author.
Died on Sunday May 26th 2013

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@nathysteria: 31-5-2013 Ach gossie: Jack "Tschai" Vance is niet meer. Hij is wel 96 geworden en laat een mooi oeuvre na. #rip http://t.co/eMOAthd5o6

@tellezterencio: City of the Chasch: Planet of Adventure #1 by JACK VANCE - 1968 Small PB http://t.co/AUnpqbj3B3 http://t.co/Qt60zQ61wL

@joelortizjoel3: Tales of the Dying Earth (Millennium Fantasy Masterworks) Jack Vance http://t.co/tg9cJLcgP7 http://t.co/7QtVmihtNL

@erardovega: Marune: Alastor 933 Jack Vance Ballintine ALASTOR # 3 http://t.co/4om5t25o2H http://t.co/IEzL4QW7G0


@murguiaruben1: Showboat World * Jack Vance DAW # 453 Yellow Spine 1981 http://t.co/KD8svR2wwS http://t.co/e19rMWRFlM

@perezsandalio: The Gray Prince * Jack Vance DAW # 473 Yellow Spine 1982 http://t.co/0tHOdrGTuB http://t.co/XbUJXANQcW

@celisnuri: Wyst : Alastor 1716 * Jack Vance DAW # UE1593 Yellow Spine 1978 Alastoe # 1 http://t.co/PQni1GyVe9 http://t.co/yUCBkbbzTL

@DailyHipHopJamz: New Archive Post: @SteeloSoul_ - Jack Vance - Mother's Day - TX - http://t.co/841d4vRc8r #hiphop #chicago #DHHJ http://t.co/OortvlC0f0

@riosimonides: To Live Forever * Jack Vance DAW # 511 Yellow Spine 1982 http://t.co/5DnTwEgwAj http://t.co/srNY8CgyQp

@saldanalucio1: Wyst : Alastor 1716 * Jack Vance DAW # UE1593 Yellow Spine 1978 Alastoe # 1 http://t.co/h3Xg72iSIy http://t.co/T88OZb8Yzy

@celisnuri: Wyst: Alastor 1716 Jack Vance DAW # 312 Yellow Spine1978 ALASTOR # 1 http://t.co/kV04MPFtwB http://t.co/7XT4S1wLFQ

@erardovega: Marune: Alastor 933 Jack Vance DAW # 419 Yellow Spine 1981 ALASTOR # 3 http://t.co/eVioJ2hYT7 http://t.co/AVU5ggcs7Q

@petersoncristob: The Killing Machine Jack Vance DAW 309 Yellow Spine 1978 Demon Princes # 2 http://t.co/EOyskL8ZDK http://t.co/UT0GwBN9Yu

@hectorizunsa3: signed by 4, Vandals of the Void by Jack Vance, Gregg Press (1979) signed by the http://t.co/TLG1NWf9O2 http://t.co/9IOur3Z6lr

@hectorizunsa3: 1st HB, signed by the author, Durdane 2: Brave Free Men by Jack Vance (1983) http://t.co/6be9OwF6ng http://t.co/50plfrlRwC

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