Jack Nicholson

Actor, filmmaker

Has Jack Nicholson died??

It appears not, Jack Nicholson seems very much alive, currently at age 80

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@Chichoceballos1: 📷 chuckhipolitho: Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon, Jack Nicholson & Cher. As Bruxas De Eastwick,...

@rjgrammy14: @RWPUSA He truly is. As he is coming to the brink the more I think of Jack Nicholson massive breakdown in a Few Good Men!!

@PAULGRILLcom: RT @_ThomasBrezina_: Sommer-Hitze-Nonsens. Man sagt, ich habe Ähnlichkeit mit Jack Nicholson

@mrbowers: @cyberpunkwarlok @nolapfau @ArdoOmer HOW ELSE WOULD HE KNOW WHO JACK NICHOLSON IS Also Agrabah or whatever isn't a real place ... YET.

@Marco_Vieira: RT @History_Pics: High School Portrait of Jack Nicholson.

@jorgeantonio711: A Jack Nicholson gracias a Dios, su madre dio en adopción y no lo aborto

@pettypali: @MindOfLayla Of course i did, jack nicholson and leo in the same movie wheeeew the i smell a rat scene is my all time fav

@LenGe_MAN: Naaaaaaaaa fan! I had classics. I even had the batman movie with Jack nicholson as the joker

@laidlaw_k: RT @TheHomeofGolf: Recognise this man? Of course you do. #TBT to when legendary actor, Jack Nicholson, traded acting for a day to play the…

@Annyllinha: RT @beltraomaria: Teleteatro ao vivo: A NBC vai exibir ano que vem a peça Questão de Honra.Alec Baldwin fará o papel que foi de Jack Nichol…

@frankopines: @washingtonpost Waiting for Trump to be on witness stand eventually acting like Jack Nicholson in a Few Good Men. "…

@Nathangel1967: RT @History_Pics: High School Portrait of Jack Nicholson.

@Alevt82: RT @History_Pics: High School Portrait of Jack Nicholson.

@reeldeals18: FIVE EASY PIECES (1970) - Great glossy 8x10 photograph still of Jack Nicholson for the family drama film. Click her…

@DarksiderNYC: RT @Variety: Our ranking of the best and worst Jokers in #Batman history

@Kanusewicz: RT @History_Pics: High School Portrait of Jack Nicholson.

@rafaw1306: @History_Pics @dylansprouse @colesprouse i didnt know who to tag (cause of the twin thing) but fuck one of you look…

@SuicideTalk: As I read @BreneBrown 'Daring Greatly', I keep hearing Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men) saying "You can't handle the truth!"

@saulcordero16: RT @oldpicsarchive: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Tim Burton on the set of Batman.

@ehombre: RT @History_Pics: High School Portrait of Jack Nicholson.

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