Howard Norris

British rugby union player (Wales national team
Died on Friday January 30th 2015

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@RaceTidbits: Grandview 358 feature finish. Hirthler. Manmiller. Buckwalter. Norris . Strunk. Weiss Cozze. Willman. Christman. Howard.

@RaceTidbits: Grandview 358 heat 3 finish. Hirthler. Smith. Grim. Norris. Christman. Howard. Sheetz.

@RaceTidbits: Grandview 358 heat 3 line up. Bailey. Smith. Kellner. Hirthler. Norris. Grim. Christman. Cozze. Sheetz. Howard.

@landon_howard: RT @Sporting_Daily: This obviously means Norris Cole is the GOAT


@Dmillstein22: @ryenarussillo Moochie Norris or Howard Eisley?

@Keeponriding1: 'If the Duke's of Hazzard & Chuck Norris had a love child that was a bicycle this would be it' - Loving some of...

@Norris_btw: Howard rejected that shit 😂✋

@Pat__Norris: Howard has made more dunks than Curry. What a dumb stat.

@Legendisland: @Buster_ESPN The Os need to make a offer on Dee Gordan while in Fl and ship out Davis-Pierce-Hunter and Norris today..hell get Ryan Howard!

@szymanski_glenn: @KenWeinmanSport trade him and Norris to Philly for Ryan Howard

@ksauersESR: Bud Norris for Ryan Howard? Who says no?

@Leah_Norris: @howard_bethany no

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