Frankie Fraser

British gangster
Died on Wednesday November 26th 2014

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@redondodino: Mad Frank: Memoirs of a Life of Crime Frankie Fraser

@NrthwichAuction: Mad Frankie Fraser

@Trim_Bachelor: @sarahgailbrand Ah. You see, what you wants is Dead Frankie Fraser Investigates. Different series altogether, that.

@Trim_Bachelor: On BBC1 now: 'Mad' Frankie Fraser investigates the World of Knuckles (it was filmed before he died).


@Frankie_Abyss: The next edition of @AbyssGlasgow we have @dosem at The Keller Club! @andykingmusic @therealceebee @Fraser_Brown1 @DuffyShaaaain #Keller

@BarrowRobbie: RT @TylahWP: @MehmetHazirci @BarrowRobbie you think you're reckless 😂😂😂 Next wannabee Frankie Fraser don 😷

@TylahWP: @MehmetHazirci @BarrowRobbie you think you're reckless 😂😂😂 Next wannabee Frankie Fraser don 😷

@Fraser_92: @scottsas @DMcA1991 Must be very proud tonight. Frankie is one of the best people I met when refereeing. Deserves every success at Norwich

@Fraser_92: Alex Neil, king of the playoffs. Him and Frankie McAvoy deserve huge credit for galvanising a faltering Norwich. Superb.

@Kurt_Fraser: grace and frankie is actually pretty good??????

@Jasonwoods17: @NickyBoyRobins you sure that's not mad frankie Fraser?

@DonellaMcNulty: @LMerlini My nephew is also called Frankie ....and he loves it .....Er .....who's Frankie Fraser? Lol x

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