Floyd Dunn

American electrical engineer.
Died on Saturday January 24th 2015

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@YUDLbot: Recording of a live performance by Floyd Westerman, Willie Dunn, and Singoose for a workshop titled "Visions of th... http://t.co/jyaTsAIwxu

@dunn_regan: @floyd_vc its not even as bad as everyones making it sound 😂 well so far anyway its just barely raining out here

@floyd_vc: @dunn_regan yoooo that scary that sounds lol

@dunn_regan: @floyd_vc don't worry its coming.. Lol aye


@BradleyCotten: @raider3140 raider3140 @Floyd_45 @DJ_V21, Blake Dunn and Thomas Felty it was an honor to coach you and be part of your lives #proudcoach

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