Flor Hayes

Irish Gaelic footballer (Cork).
Died on Friday June 27th 2014

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Tweets related to Flor Hayes:

@Flor_Olivero: RT @MahoganyLOX: @HayesGrier luv u Hayes!!! thank u <3333

@Flor_Olivero: RT @HayesGrier: This weekend definitely took the w over Hayes

@Hayes_Are_Mine: @urbanstyIe FLOR!

@Fuck_Me_Hayes: @vodkadafly @infopcastagnoli claro flor


@_flor_com_mel_: RT @tffuaff: Rapazes como o hayes na minha escola

@5amwithhayes: @younggrierrr @HayesGrier YES LETS GO HAYES WE CAN FINALLY MEET FLOR ASKNX

@Hayes_tejando: RT @MaluAlbuq01: @Tata_oiveirag @JuleaSouz @HaimeMariana engraçado é a taysa querendo me gastar KKKKKKKKKKKKK MENOS FLOR

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