Emmanuel Carter

Trinidadian politician
Died on Wednesday January 21st 2015

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@Carter_243: RT @EmmanoDisciple: J'IRAI👣 là-bas↗☁💆☁ PARMI les anges☁👑☁🎶 PRÈS ☁👑D'EMMANUEL👑☁ ME CONSOLER😔💆🎶 PASSER MON TEMP à la LOUANGE 🙌🎶 DIRE À ☁👑JÉSU…

@FalveySaundra: Emmanuel Carter can download emails with his pick-up.

@Emmanuel_Shine: RT @LBJAintShit: Harden isn't better than tmac dwade Vince carter or Iverson in their primes

@carter_fleury: @back_bottoms ne me follow pas va follow @fleury_emmanuel


@carter_fleury: @JulesBouffy0 ne me follow pas va follow @fleury_emmanuel

@Lc5827: Emmanuel Hall - Very timely. I'm glad you raised the question. Say we transport ourselves back to the "Hitler... http://t.co/AcsE7Xf0Hf

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