Don Wright

American Gwich'in politician
Died on Saturday July 5th 2014

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Tweets related to Don Wright:

@wright_brooklin: I don't know who you are anymore..

@Ashlynn_Wright: Don't get how ppl can literally be soooooooo fuckin mean

@10xMVP: Don't sleep on Delon Wright and Yogi Ferrell

@Lynae_Wright: RT @kaseybyrd001: I've gotten so used to being single that I really don't need anyone 😌


@don_angela: RT @seefrvncis: every great thing every great man has done has been with a great woman in his corner, minus the wright brothers but they ha…

@wellman_emma: "I don't know if he can whip but he's good at the sprinkler" @juliaafaithh @meghan_wright_

@Justt_Wright: Mane just ticked me off went off on his dumb ass BITCH Don't not answer for me tf

@Takoda_Wright: @SoraHutchison @Ellebelle_J Wut. I don't get it😒

@mor_wright: @lmaoalexx don't forget dill pickle chips and lays with hot sauce! !

@ajp2243: @riane_wright just don't hit your good side

@Kyler_Wright_: RT @SeanTheTerrible: Mexicans and black people have so much in common... And don't ask me "like what?"

@addison_wright: Don't be mad that I'm doin me better than you doin you.

@Zach_Asher: @NYPost_Brazille @defiantlydutch don't have a time machine but biggest 2 mistakes were granderson and wright contracts

@lmaoalexx: @mor_wright & you know I don't do storms! I'm scared to death of storms & tornadoes. 🙅🏽🙅🏽🙅🏽

@csanborntaylor: I don't know what I expected, but there is way more murder in this Phoenix Wright game than I thought. Like all the murder.

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