Don Ratcliffe

English footballer (Stoke City).
Died on Sunday October 19th 2014

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@cate_ratcliffe: @themikeydee @KP89 Let's be real, Mike, you don't choose the house. The house chooses you (like a wand) through the Sorting Hat.

@cresaa: s-h-e-e-r: Don’t look at this too long by Bill Ratcliffe on Flickr.

@Jules_Ratcliffe: No Jessie you were amazing please don't cry 😓 #BGTlive

@ratcliffe_p: RT @ThaFackinDaddy: I wasn't surprised on the outcome of tha Irish pro gay marriage vote I mean Irish geezers don't give a shit they're al…


@ratcliffe_p: RT @ThaFackinDaddy: Continuin' with their zero tolerance attitude to car crime in Russia...Don't run a red FACKIN LIGHT!!!…

@ratcliffe_p: RT @ThaFackinDaddy: Don't get FACKIN MONKEY!! #Bosh #MuggedOffLikeA2Bob

@ratcliffe_p: RT @piesportsbooze: FIFA 16 doesn't have a "Park The Bus" option because girls don't know how to park

@giacovetti: @Jerry_Ratcliffe @satansrobot @DustinSlaughter @TNestel3 @RonniePhilly Don't forget the #Narrative. More important than facts to some.

@ratcliffe_karl: Tell em don't waste my time

@ratcliffe_p: RT @_youhadonejob: Don't be coming in here...

@ratcliffe_kim: Primark now in Selfridges Trafford I seriously don't get it @Selfridges #polaroppositebrands!

@papaG86: @ratcliffe_adam @WYSdaily don't worry you'll have Neil warnock in soon #colinwanker

@COM1CBOOKS: N. R. Ratcliffe @NRRatcliffe: Don't forget to checkout CRW's online wksp about… #comicbooks

@Ratcliffe_D: RT @BiIIMurray: There’s only one person you’re guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with… yourself. Don’t live the rest of your life w…

@Min_Ratcliffe_X: Maybe I don't want to revise....

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