Don Lewis

American electronic musician
Died on Monday November 7th 2022

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@munda_will: @misterhotpink @_TheFrontPaige @Phil_Lewis_ Like I said... these Twitter streets don't play. - 2 years ago

@janinebean30: @Lewis_Brackpool I still vote but I get why people don’t. It’s hard to keep positive when it does seem rigged. - 2 years ago

@personalfitnes3: If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.– Carl Lewis #leadership #quote LIKE ▪️ SHARE ▪️ COMMENT - 2 years ago

@CousinHurnt: @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis All lies. @BenSimmons25 don’t work. All ya gotta do is look at ft% in highschool and c… - 2 years ago


@dywl99_: @F1 Im a diehard Alonso fan but I’m just not ready for this.. Nando, Lewis and Seb are the last of the old guard.… - 2 years ago

@ayshamoolla: RT @ocsebvettel: “As a person I don’t know him very well. Never got to know each other. We didn’t have a moment like I had with Lewis, the… - 2 years ago

@lewis_frrrr: RT @FinaNapoleon: For those struggling with getting recommendation letters from lectures, you should watch this Pl… - 2 years ago

@agumi13: @VBruim @Super_Seb44 Hahaha why people keep saying Max admitted he did it on purpose? You guys don’t have speech co… - 2 years ago

@mirulws: RT @ocsebvettel: “As a person I don’t know him very well. Never got to know each other. We didn’t have a moment like I had with Lewis, the… - 2 years ago

@lalitapetila: @Lewis_Brackpool @Warya88 Don’t forget Marin, Vanderleyen - 2 years ago

@airways97722397: I don’t like these dots but rest of your art is nice. @TwitoyArt @Sepp064 @futhart @fuji_Mt @NFTKlngdom… - 2 years ago

@misterhotpink: @munda_will @Phil_Lewis_ What?! We don't have a parliamentary system, and we're not England so let's drop the silly… - 2 years ago

@max_knight10: @MarinersSteve Kyle Lewis will not be a Mariner. Winker otw out as well. Don’t forget Trammell. - 2 years ago

@Tsvarius84: @NatsAndCats @Phil_Lewis_ @atrupar There is nothing plain-spoken about this. I'm not even fully convinced it's Engl… - 2 years ago

@vivica_lewis: RT @CaraLisette: I really dislike the phrase ‘start a family’ when people are talking about having children. Children don’t make somebody a… - 2 years ago

@tiffanyisfly: @Phil_Lewis_ Drunk Don Lemon is actually the best version of Don Lemon. - 2 years ago

@Jonesy________: RT @togirl123: @Phil_Lewis_ But drunk Don Lemon is the most entertaining to watch - 2 years ago

@Jaybird9: @Sarifaninja @crystalneth @Batiste_Ice @Phil_Lewis_ Don’t forget Ronald Reagan - 2 years ago

@Mjthomp80054038: @Phil_Lewis_ Don would be lit. They still gonna e drinking on commercials I’m sure - 2 years ago

@bookies: 💪🏼 After a memorable event at Madison Square Garden, the #UFC is back at the Apex in Vegas on Saturday. Serghei Spi… - 2 years ago

@minervabaddie: @Phil_Lewis_ I don’t understand why it seems like it’s just mostly America sending money to Ukraine. There is so mu… - 2 years ago

@SPangye: Jacob Simon Trista Forster Murphy #杭州 Don Browne Lewis Waters #杭州线下 Phoebe Holmes - 2 years ago

@Adrian458718386: @galacimbom1 @VRTX_ZachNovak @redbullracing Man if chico don t defend lewis for that 2 laps lewis have time to pit… - 2 years ago

@cbassols: @Phil_Lewis_ @Lemon069 I just don't understand that kind of hatred. Why? What are they so afraid of? - 2 years ago

@MrO_75: @NorrinR06303580 @Phil_Lewis_ My exact sentiment. She got drunk and fell from a height that caused her injuries and… - 2 years ago

@Gaelicwolves: @Lewis_Brackpool They don’t even bother working behind the scenes. They are in overdrive to implement their agenda… - 2 years ago

@Adrian458718386: @RjaMuskens @bk181_ @redbullracing The gap was 12 sec and if he pit he exit behind max!Lewis don t pit becouse if y… - 2 years ago

@Str8Outta954: @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis You don’t - 2 years ago

@katiechakra: @Lewis_Brackpool . . . and we don't want to be in it - 2 years ago

@LadyReverbs: RT @FabricioNakata: We don't need a Michael Lewis book about SBF, we need an Adaptation-style movie about Michael Lewis tailing SBF who sta… - 2 years ago

@democrzgirl: @Phil_Lewis_ @frenfer123 As my Nana used to say, two wrongs don’t make a right. Looks like it was all driven by ang… - 2 years ago

@adamtbarker: @uklovebrexit @CymroCarwyn @lewis_goodall So you think people who don’t agree with you should leave the UK? Sounds… - 2 years ago

@markgray465: @CathyGeorges @the_other_jordy @Phil_Lewis_ Don't focus on black students, be inclusive. He's obviously "better" th… - 2 years ago

@Parkour_Lewis: RT @SouthwestAir: @Parkour_Lewis Hey there. We don't mean to look like a crazy stalker, so be sure and unsubscribe if you don't want to rec… - 2 years ago

@NorrinR06303580: @canuck_chuck_ @Bianca17737904 @Phil_Lewis_ Agreed, but I have a hard time calling them friends. Friends typically… - 2 years ago

@markgray465: RT @the_other_jordy: @Phil_Lewis_ Good on the kid that first said, quietly but clearly, "I don't respect you no more." Damn good. - 2 years ago

@seanlove1: @WillRouse3 Bro he’s a rookie I don’t get it. Y’all want him to be Ray Lewis 8 games into the year? What about Josh… - 2 years ago

@daianafemenia: RT @ocsebvettel: “As a person I don’t know him very well. Never got to know each other. We didn’t have a moment like I had with Lewis, the… - 2 years ago

@mak94200907: @utd_Lewis @ddegea_szn lol I don't have any agenda. I'm not the one trying to slander DDG - 2 years ago

@preferablybias: @MajinSpitfire @Phil_Lewis_ No we actually don’t….. You should seek therapy - 2 years ago

@bordia_gaurav: @AbsoluteChelsea This is what happens when you don't take chances..Same story everygame . Only postive was Lewis hall - 2 years ago

@Sanibas416: @Phil_Lewis_ This shows @adidas is desperate. I don’t see Nike releasing Red Octobers - 2 years ago

@2000F1LH44: RT @RobLMyers: @HillF1 Whatever you do, Damon, don't mention that Lewis Hamilton was robbed in the #AbuDhabiScandal. Your #SkyF1 bosses h… - 2 years ago

@B_rubble1: @SkyFootball Never winning this in a millions years. You don’t play City with Ruben Loftus Cheek, Ziyech and Pulisi… - 2 years ago

@bentil__: RT @DinoCFC: I don’t care about that Lewis Hall miss tbh. The composure their to sit the fullback down has fed me enough - 2 years ago

@Laxix6: I don’t block people on this app, but if I see you hype that Lewis hall guy, I will block you. - 2 years ago

@1JamesCHELSEA: Actually played well in stages... Lewis Hall 👏 don't get why we took him off tbh They couldn't finish their dinne… - 2 years ago

@Gothictaig: @Lewis_Calvert17 Yes like I said I don’t like him myself but George abused someone if the victim was a woman it would be different - 2 years ago

@C_moesh: @ChelseaFC @WhaleFinApp I don't know why we are playing what we are playing. Boehly could you please chase all thos… - 2 years ago

@YoungLilPappy: @AdamNewson Lewis hall robbed by koulibaly defending and poor finishing we don’t deserve to lose overall - 2 years ago

@caleblloyd98: @Chels_HQ Shhh whisper quietly...I don't think we were that bad. Lewis Hall played really well. Goals we let in were poor. - 2 years ago

@sunick51: @madgame83 @lewis_goodall Braverman doesn't pose a national security risk it's another personal abuse strategy beca… - 2 years ago

@TonyMasella1: Don't take your chances you don't win football matches, same if you give soft goals away. No matter who your playin… - 2 years ago

@Matt_Mark2: Lot of people don't realise the John Lewis advert is actually based on an older pagan festival. - 2 years ago

@carl_lewis_91: Don't care who's on the park, when you are struggling to get a shot on target against Derby, that's not good enough… - 2 years ago

@Chelsea4Ever22: @RJPJournalism I don't think it's harsh at all. I think once again he's been very suspect with decisions tonight, h… - 2 years ago

@Daveshort1907: @CFCPys Lewis hall is a baller potter is shocking.. don’t help our attackers are shit and can’t score - 2 years ago

@MMPCFC: @AbsoluteChelsea Lewis Hall is class. Only the carabobbins cup don't really care. We just aren't clinical - 2 years ago

@_BrandonCline: @redG2pen I noticed that too, but yeah don’t know how much stock should be put in it with such a small sample. Toda… - 2 years ago

@Dmula610: @RonnieTrapie @AstraAnima1 @Phil_Lewis_ I said “if”.I had a debit card and job when I was 16 so what Mommy don’t know won’t hurt her - 2 years ago

@_lashawnjames: @LeonSkum5 @youarethatguy_ @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis Lmfao you don’t even really believe that 😭 - 2 years ago

@tobyyyyyykeith: RT @tobykeith: Don't miss Toby's appearance on @CMT's Skyville Live tonight honoring Jerry Lee Lewis. He’ll be performing with @GeorgeStrai… - 2 years ago

@gay_griffiths: @emandem_uk @lewis_goodall @PippaCrerar 🤔Knights don’t sit in The Lords😅 - 2 years ago

@kingsonfriday9t: @rxselouis Idkkk I don’t think so he didn’t do that w walls either I’d just worry that once Lewis actually start ad… - 2 years ago

@Nick_x7: RT @breeyajnai: @tcookuga @Phil_Lewis_ Bail itself doesn’t make sense. If my bail is $5000 and I have $5000 I can bail myself out. If I don… - 2 years ago

@NostalgicVinyl_: RT @LemonyBoi2: @CartuneNetwerk @Phil_Lewis_ “Would cost tax payers to pay prisoners for their labor” Then just don’t use them for labor 🙂🙂🙂 - 2 years ago

@MilesDeep____: RT @residentadvisor: RIP Don Lewis, who helped develop @RolandGlobal's seminal TR-808 drum machine - 2 years ago

@sellenj: @stidmatt And that is why we don't have the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. - 2 years ago

@miq_zb: RT @musicgirl1120: I'm gonna laugh if Dr. Lewis isn't there for Maya. I mean, not laugh because all I want Maya to be in therapy and gettin… - 2 years ago

@frankiev1983: @RevJacquiLewis Don’t let people like this maniac put people down. Just because people have a slightly different p… - 2 years ago

@thewhitespike: Ex Don, Lewis Ferguson starts for Bologna tonight. Good luck to him. Great wee Scottish player. - 2 years ago

@SpiceFMHoima: EFL CUP UP NEXT LIVE. Manchester City vs Chelsea. Heavyweight Carabao Cup clash as Pep Guardiola selects 17-year-o… - 2 years ago

@901JAZZ: Tonight on Jazz@Eastman - Past, Present & Future - we'll feature Chick Corea and an Arranger's Holiday concert from… - 2 years ago

@DippedDonut: RT @musicgirl1120: I'm gonna laugh if Dr. Lewis isn't there for Maya. I mean, not laugh because all I want Maya to be in therapy and gettin… - 2 years ago

@SportsUnplugge1: @mollyellenF1 @Mexmufc No, I don't say that... I called out one Lewis fan who was using racial slurs against me as… - 2 years ago

@GreenhouseEffe6: @Phil_Lewis_ Latinos don’t want open borders or illegal immigration. They voted their interest hood for them. Maybe… - 2 years ago

@thepayneaustin: @Winterhawks03 @bkseay16 @Phil_Lewis_ A lot of people don’t realize this. Im in Cali Bay Area and when you go too f… - 2 years ago

@_golden12_: RT @hereforstefania: diane lewis is back and i can’t believe and i don’t wanna jinx it but station 19 are actually going to go through with… - 2 years ago

@GPatz1974: @JocastaMoney John Lewis don’t sell clothes. They don’t have changing rooms.🤔 - 2 years ago

@coleynumber1: @Warren1Point @NualaMcAllister You make cut backs on luxuries. You do extra hours in work or get another part time… - 2 years ago

@sunnyday_z: @Phil_Lewis_ Why don’t white women care about their reproductive rights? - 2 years ago

@JC61479: RT @teddyruxpinroma: @BR_Landaverdy @p_pistis @Phil_Lewis_ Bonnie can you explain why Black people don’t need to be “educated” on why votin… - 2 years ago

@Quint_Lewis: @MrGemale Doing the same thing! The #Grind don’t stop - 2 years ago

@TrolledByKevin: @atanc1996 @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis U don’t watch nets basketball then - 2 years ago

@JRLewisAuthor: RT @HLfavorito1: 'If you do the things I've done, you end up with the things I have. That changes you. I don't wish that on anyone, especia… - 2 years ago

@16_brady2: @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis He literally said He and KD don’t need a coach . Nash was selected cause he’s a first… - 2 years ago

@jeremybeet23: @SvmHCS @Karlitoswave @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis @KyrieIrving the thing about that is that, they said that and it… - 2 years ago

@lewis_manutd: @Patsy46647950 @transferdicky @JackieD86388657 @heartofthenorth @GillJeffery13 What so you are trying to tell me al… - 2 years ago

@KarlMarksman47: @CartuneNetwerk @Phil_Lewis_ U don’t need to put liberal in quotes, liberals expanded mass incarceration more than republicans - 2 years ago

@RickFro48944330: @RutgersCHOP1766 @ItBegins2012 @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis Nash runs 4 out just like the MAVS. It's going to look… - 2 years ago

@lewis_dianne: @nathaliejacoby1 Excellent question. I don't understand. - 2 years ago

@aidanbartolotta: @ChuckFromCadi @kale_kale_kale @Jacque_blu @battierpeeler @Phil_Lewis_ -up to interpretation. thats the correct thi… - 2 years ago

@therealDLJ: @AntheaTurner1 @trickehvickeh @AntheaTurner1 aka PollyAnna, #QueenofMakes probably just as well you don’t have a go… - 2 years ago

@RobertB62412886: @bgrisakDTR The problem with rams defense is the lack of turnovers created and and that bend but don’t break philos… - 2 years ago

@NimmaSPIT: RT @Mixmag: LEO creator and TR 808 developer Don Lewis has died aged 81 - 2 years ago

@tellwhatsreal: @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis Avery Johnson a proven winner got fired a year Darren Williams and Brook Lopez wasn’t… - 2 years ago

@BlackedHatGuy: @oscartaracena @Phil_Lewis_ When you don't have any confidence in yourself, you will seek confidence in others and… - 2 years ago

@RutgersCHOP1766: @RickFro48944330 @ItBegins2012 @TheNBACentral @NYPost_Lewis I don't understand your point...are you trying to tell… - 2 years ago

@isaacisdead1383: @illMagicc @JohnBla48991590 @CourtneyMcCain @Phil_Lewis_ BECAUSE IT IS. Y’ALL DON’T WANNA UNDERSTAND. - 2 years ago

@SimbaYoyo: @BigBadP @F1 Lewis fans overrate Brazil a bit, but I don't think anyone is claiming it had nothing to do woth the car. - 2 years ago

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