Don Lanier

American songwriter.
Died on Wednesday July 23rd 2014

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@_bgbuga_: @myah_lanier I seriously don't think she thinks these things through before saying them

@chardon_lanier: RT @HomeOfAthletes: Don't say my sport is easy if you don't play it.

@sierra_lanier_: if it's not cheerwine from cookout I don't want it

@lucyy_venturaa: I don't care if you "went" to Lanier. If you weren't enrolled until this past Thursday and graduated Friday, GOODBYE.


@YungCurtDawg: Don't mind the boobies... I'm chillin @ Lake Lanier Islands Beach And Waterpark

@churchboi2014: What's the closest beach to ATL? And i don't want anybody to tell me Lake Lanier because the saints don't stay...

@OG_Lanier: RT @HipHopxHotspot: Don't sleep on Lil Herb 🔥🔥🔥

@Mister_Lanier: Do me a favor, don't do me no favors.

@Lake_Fun: Lhowington13: Anyone trying to hit up lake lanier today on the boat today? Just let me know cause DeRito9717 and Mwagner48 don't wanna wake…

@phyllis_lanier: Don't allow another day to go by without placing your order!! You can make that change TODAY!! Invest in your future. Who's next?

@summer_lanier: this is why I don't let people hold or really use my phone!😒then after it cracks people wonder why I have trust issues and won't let hold it

@lanier_maggie: I guess some things just don't mix like you hoped Like me and you

@calvync: Don't read Stiegler & Lanier together. You'll be stunned to social media silence, questioning if you've become machine-like.

@beau_lanier: If you don't think I'm gonna lose weight on this McDonald's salad diet then fuck you

@maritzaperez320: Lanier don't have alot of people graduating

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