Don Dee

American basketball player (Indiana Pacers)
Died on Wednesday November 26th 2014

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@dee__vt: Wow I don't remember when was the last time I got a hang over 😩

@Dee_2Smart: People? Assume? I? Have? A? Boyfriend? And? I'm? Like? Lol? What? Boys? Don't? Tell? Me? Those? Things????

@01grace_dee: RT @BridgeOfLovePOV: If only we got something like this tomorrow! Lol Oh well, don't forget to watch ASAP for Paulo's bday celebration! htt…

@Dee_Blacka: @ENIGMATHICK yeah! Don't know about Dortmund though


@Dee_KNOWS_best: RT @princesspiamia: We don't know where life will take us. I hold my breath and be patient.

@LongWay_Dee: Really starting to get to me that don't nobody GAF about me

@thick_dee: RT @buenrostrocas: I don't wanna go to work :(

@Qatami: @MGE_Dee The reason I don't eat at Burger King anymore is because I got really bad food poisoning from it. ~_~

@im_DEE_: RT @_AmNico: Some of y'all gotta realize that y'all don't gotta show yo face at every event. You don't always gotta be in the mix.

@Heyitsmaxi: RT @MayklensDon: Listen to Mayklens & Gio Dee - Bird Call by Mayklens Don #np on #SoundCloud...

@Dee_Lep: RT @CulpritEnter: Shout out to the people who don't let fame get in their heads. People we can still talk to without being made to feel lik…

@Leshazhane_: @SxckMy_DEE 😂😂 don't choke.

@dee_clh: RT @iiStarveFatHoes: black girls are so pretty , they don't get enough credit for it .

@Justo_Kadera: “@troublesome_dee: Don't ever be out Til 3:30 drinkin n smokin n then have work in the morning 😅 just a lil advice😭”uh huh ya ass sick ash😭

@Paddie_Dee: RT @ndenwa_ya_venda: i don't care if the world knows what's my secrets are

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