Dick Teed

American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers).
Died on Sunday August 17th 2014

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@Malcolm_XS: @teed_paul @MiniMobile @shim_rational @BuntyBagshawe aah yes, the baby maker savers for limp dick Zionists 😂

@JohnLargue: RT @bluesboy1962: @JustMe_0_ @Leefellerguy @teed_paul @JohnLargue @TribeswithFlags @mirrorlady2 @mizuozman 4 dick heads dressing up doesn't…

@bluesboy1962: @JustMe_0_ @Leefellerguy @teed_paul @JohnLargue @TribeswithFlags @mirrorlady2 @mizuozman 4 dick heads dressing up doesn't bother me no

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