David Plawecki

American politician
Died on Sunday August 4th 2013

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Tweets related to David Plawecki:

@therealVinnyS: @David_Brody if i offered you Niese, Plawecki, and Murphy for Chapman and Phillips you wouldn't take that?

@JohnMackinAde: Mack's Morning Report - 5-29-15 - Brad Wieck, Matt Reynolds, Kevin Plawecki, David Wright, Thor - http://t.co/g4DxjIP9Hg

@TehNewYorkTimez: David Wright's contract reportedly is insured #Advertisement #Binghamton #Mets #Plawecki http://t.co/YiJ2CHXE16

@Jeffd_Up: @MLB_PR or Kevin Plawecki for C? I'm just saying, David Wright's been hurt for over a month. Mets fans gotta put the votes where they matter


@TehNewYorkTimez: David Wrights contract reportedly is insurd #advertisement #Binghamton #Mets #Plawecki http://t.co/0LIFkJrHHC

@DaNewYorkTimes: David Wrights contract reportedly is insurd #John #Matt #Mets #Plawecki http://t.co/LSzzIPreOM

@B_MacK88: Keep Plawecki at C, play D'Arnaud at 3B. Cut David Wright.

@KristenSensenig: Kevin Plawecki did a darn good David Wright impersonation up at bat. The staring at the bat and exhaling - hiking up the pants by the belt.

@VINCE_RUGGIERO: If David Wright's playing career is over (God forbid), how about converting Plawecki or d'Arnaud to 3B?

@brenz78: I'm on this podcast, if u r interested in 90 minutes of banter on a struggling #Mets team. #LGM http://t.co/lG5MbNMS3E via @AmazinAvenue

@SF_Mets: #SBNation #Mets Episode 119: #RIP2015Mets http://t.co/hyVkVhxkOB http://t.co/LcY1j66eg1

@RecordAPodcast: Episode 119: #RIP2015Mets - As always, you can listen or subscribe to the podcast through iTUNES, find us on the s... http://t.co/kv1HhdMoep

@MetsViews: #NYMets #MetsNation #TeamMets #NYM #mlb Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 119: #RIP2015Mets http://t.co/8RAlIOIVS1

@FLGM6: Mets SBN: Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 119: #RIP2015Mets http://t.co/B3J5BXx6yR

@SteveSypa: RT @AmazinAvenue: Episode 119: @lizroscher lost a bet, and David Wright's back hurts. http://t.co/sXS6duGMMy http://t.co/Q00wSvcP3E

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