Charles Gautier

French politician
Died on Wednesday June 11th 2014

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@charles_gautier: @Talicustom moa

@charles_gautier: RT @Borgore: at 3 am

@charles_gautier: RT @FunnyVines: A cat ran into a door during a French TV baking show and it is absolutely amazing..

@charles_gautier: RT @FunnyVines: Screw having kids I want this..


@charles_gautier: RT @FaujourCaroline:

@charles_gautier: #grossepute #martishouse #gchangédiphone

@charles_gautier: #grossepute #martishouse

@Mission_Inn: I posted 44 photos on Facebook in the album "Charles Gautier Photogaphy"

@AlexMoal: @charles_gautier fait chier :(

@charles_gautier: @AlexMoal

@Gautier_DB: Bravo @pspillet de @ipjdauphine qui réalise le doublé : Prix François Chalais, Prix @RFI Charles Lescaut !!!!

@Gautier_DB: RT @pascalguenee: Bravo à Pierre Pillet @pspillet (@ipjdauphine, @SciencesLettres ) qui a remporté la bourse Charles Lescaut de @RFI #IPJ

@charles_gautier: RT @victoriarchd: Hahahha

@Zoe_Trc: @charles_gautier @UneSadique oé

@charles_gautier: RT @Raawlss: Lisez ce tweet et la conversation qui a suivit jusqu'au bout

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