C. Perumal

Indian politician
Died on Thursday July 18th 2013

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Tweets related to C. Perumal:

@avkworldcom: Perumal | Sundar C, Namitha | Tamil Full Film http://t.co/35VsqwatGB

@PriyaYadav6010: Perumal | Sundar C, Namitha | Tamil Full Film http://t.co/sGrnfBVfjx

@vigneshwar34: I'm at Sri Sunderaraja Perumal Temple in Klang, Selangor https://t.co/gygxKvjO8g

@PriyaYadav6010: Perumal | Sundar C, Namitha | Tamil Full Film http://t.co/6Fp7Esz3x2


@Perumal_Gandhi: RT @vegansaurus: (Lousy) Animal News You Can Use: Garbage N.C. lawmakers pass ag-gag. But we'll never give up! http://t.co/Hog1m2VaW3 http:…

@AmmaiappanO3: (C)& they moved again to stand as Securities Job in Vaikundh of Narayanap Perumal.., [email protected]

@AmmaiappanO3: (C)& the Narayanap Perumal Securities curse cleared from stone & wakeup in God Planet..,[email protected]

@AmmaiappanO3: (C)but this is News of Treta Yuga time that ravanasoorpanagaigal breathe is bads of Narayanap Perumal Securities..,[email protected]

@AmmaiappanO3: (C)securities cheated Narayanap Perumal Treta Yuga time & Curse & this is said in 2011 & by a(dmk) love in me..,[email protected]

@AmmaiappanO3: (C)its love of culprit soorpanagairavanan is fixing & its said of securities love in Narayanap Perumal & its cheated.., [email protected]

@AmmaiappanO3: (C)its in 2004 time of i in love(SEETHA LOVE) My Friend Perumal said, [email protected] @MamataOfficial

@c_srikanthan: Upanishad Sattrumurai during DwajaAvarohanam - Thiruvaheendrapuram Perumal Uthsavam 2015 (03-May-2015) https://t.co/bh52eqKHcl

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