Bob Gilmore

British musicologist.
Died on Friday January 2nd 2015

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Tweets related to Bob Gilmore:

@CoachHolleyEsq: How come the #johnnymanziel story reminds me of Happy Gilmore movie with Bob Barker? #sizzler

@kminc23: Why is everyone giving Manziel so much shit for throwing a wattle bottle at some dude? It's not like he beat up Bob Barker @_Happy_Gilmore

@DustinMikael9: Best movie fight? Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore.

@yournextboss11: @CommonManRadio @ProFootballTalk don't tell bob barker or happy Gilmore that. They'll kick your ass lol


@ChristmasBinge: ... #Bob #bobdylan #bobdylannight #bobdylannights #dylan #dylannight #gilmore #night #nights #vic

@darren_gilmore: @Ricky_P86 not the full 2 bob !

@Humanoid251: Just watched Happy Gilmore. Favorite part is the fight with Bob Barker

@bob_gilmore: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Of History & Hashes: A Brief History of Password Storage, Transmission, & Cracking | @irongeek_adc |…

@GTPerry8: 😂😂😂 Bob Barker vs Happy Gilmore

@bob_gilmore: RT @AsaTait: Fun fact: When my kid watches "Terminator" I will have to explain the concept of a phonebook, but not an autonomous robot kill…

@bob_gilmore: RT @runnersworld: Need more air? Deep breathing can help you run longer with less effort:

@bob_gilmore: Finished Run with #runmeter, on Hall Old Colony P... route, time 30:59, distance 3.24 miles, average 9:34.

@thestrategyprof: @steakNstiffarms Bob Barker as himself (Happy Gilmore)

@Juiceman2311: RT @_Earlmatic: Bob Barker vs. Happy Gilmore is the greatest fight scene in the history of all movies

@bob_gilmore: RT @slicedfriedgold: Kung Fury was more awesome than funny which I did not expect.

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