American singer, songwriter, and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas

Has Beyonce died??

It appears not, Beyonce seems very much alive, currently at age 37

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@Billy_Badass_: The thing about Normani is that...right now as it stands, she is a boring talent. She can dance but she is boring.…

@Winhonna: Pero Beyoncé es a la que le las Kardashian le han copiado todo.🐅

@mavifenty: RT @mavifenty: Lady gaga , Rihanna, Taylor swift , Beyoncé, Adele , katy perry , madonna , vão fazer o comeback no mesmo ano , 2019 o retor…

@coloradoeight: RT @KTHopkins: I await Senior Imams denouncing his actions, the closing of mosques in solidarity with the victims, condemnation by everyone…

@_highoffnush: @Makiah_Sanders just thug it out like I should’ve!! I want to go back cause I know the end result gone be worth the…


@rawsteamradio1: Now playing APESHiT (Clean) by Beyonce & Jay Z ft Migos & Pharrell!

@Iuhdrought: RT @GarrySlay: 25,464 hours since Beyoncé released solo music

@xolovemich_ss: as Beyoncè once said: You wake up, FLAWLESS #믿듣탱_사계_일요일18시

@daddydark0: RT @KNGSHxT: yall let pusher t and Beyoncé's husband rap about cocaine for 74 years. if all these women wanna rap about is scammin niggas a…

@highspeedchaise: Who's a more badass movie character? J.Lo in Enough? Or Beyoncé in Obsessed?

@happyxbutera: RT @notallgeminis: No one: Virgos: don’t forget we have BEYONCÉ Virgos can be bad bitches too!!!!

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