American singer, songwriter, and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas

Has Beyonce died??

It appears not, Beyonce seems very much alive, currently at age 39

Tweets related to Beyonce

@anneletharpe: RT @lffmore: Há exatamente sete anos, Beyoncé estava deslumbrante no Met Gala 2014.

@wifib0t: @presidxnt @adorxbillie The difference is that beyonce wasn't a teenager when they started dating.........

@juliejulzs_: RT @RCALabelGroupUK: Blessing your timeline with Beyoncé


@_99445792: RT @yonceir: Beyoncé serving face

@Lucas_Sissone: RT @HugoGloss: 😭😭😭 Uma homenagem da RAINHA para o REI! Beyoncé acaba de fazer um tributo em seu site a Paulo Gustavo, um dos seus maiores f…

@_99445792: RT @beyfobic: Beyoncé

@mayhgomess: RT @PauloGustavo31: Eu adoraria tomar um vinho com a beyoncé, conversar, tirar uma foto, dar um beijo nela! Autógrafo JAMAIS pediria! Ela i…

@Beyoncehive6: Beyonce is a Legend

@_99445792: RT @FentyCop: I still think about how Rihanna and Beyoncé’s red carpet moment became a VOGUE cover

@firdaws_yahya: RT @vincentdesmond_: The hill I’m willing to die on is that Beyoncé wrote ‘Irreplaceable’ because of an Abuja man. You can’t convinced me o…

@HeyItsKayDot: RT @POPSUGAR: Beyoncé once recalled meeting Selena Quintanilla, saying, "She was so talented."

@littlemix_llove: RT @RCALabelGroupUK: Blessing your timeline with Beyoncé

@prisonzr: RT @dolcelise: Famoso? Rpgista famoso? Vem cá, tu por um acaso é a Beyoncé em off?

@_TshegoMotale: RT @phume22: Citrus season is upon us and I’d like to categorically state that grapefruit is the Beyoncé of all citrus fruits. Send locatio…

@Michelle4jrg: @FlawlessTiff23

@BongiBlogZA: RT @SupremeQueenBey: Not knowing how you ended up taking a selfie with Beyoncé🙆‍♀️💁‍♀️

@diyannah3: RT @beyfobic: Beyoncé

@shantia210: RT @BasicBitching: Beyoncé told us to mind our broke ass business but we got 3 albums about cheating after so I read in between the lines.

@yoonworId_: RT @_pequenalo: A Beyoncé homenageando o Paulo Gustavo 😭🙏🏽

@narniatheg: I still wanna know who bite Beyoncé in the face

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