Avril Lavigne

Singer, songwriter, musician

Has Avril Lavigne died??

It appears not, Avril Lavigne seems very much alive, currently at age 34

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@inavrilhistory: Avril Lavigne's Make 5 Wishes - Episode 5 was uploaded on Avril's YouTube channel, 21st of March 2011 (8 years ago):

@BlowKurt: Une fois Yacine a dit que si Avril Lavigne se mariait avec Bruno Mars elle sappelerait Avril Mars, ce qui nest pas faux.

@FieqVril1999: RT @AvrilLavigneBR: It’s time to keep your #HeadAboveWater! Stream and listen to Avril Lavigne’s new album here:

@5WLl0tJy9XjZfUr: RT @binanbijo_sekai: シンガーソングライターのAvril Lavigneさん✨ カナダ🇨🇦 IG: avrillavigne

@toekomstloos: Yes Avril Lavigne is op de radio, even meeschreeuwen

@portalpopdaily: Saiu! Parceria entre Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi e Ryan Tedder já está disponível no YouTube. O que acharam?…

@LuizFernandoSh: @chaneltemrazao Eu já tive uma Avril Lavigne em sala de aula.

@J8mXc1akJAPiHLc: #Nowplaying Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne (Goodbye Lullaby )

@halfmoons_: RT @official_ONEWE: [#STUDIO_WE] #27 #ONEWE #원위 #키아 #강현 달라달라를 편곡해보고 싶어서 밝은 분위기로 편곡해봤습니다!! 잘 들어주세요🤟🏻🎸 #달라달라 #ITZY #Avril_Lavigne_type #ar…

@lys4933: @ILOV3RW 저는 힘들때 신나는 노랠 듣는데 혹시 도움이 될가 싶어 올릴께요 에픽하이- don't hate me Mika- live your life Avril Lavigne- what the hell,…

@AvriILately: RT @avriIsus: Reminder that avril lavigne gave this to the music industry 😌💅✨

@khalesidefogo: RT @mazzaxdiamandis: Avril Lavigne precisa ser estudada 2002 / 2019

@LBSRevolution: Novas fotos da Avril Lavigne. ❤️

@Avril_Lvigne: "Why should i care what other people think about me? I am Who I am. and who I wanna be." -Avril Lavigne

@yoshiko_ebooks: why are you looking so pissed? am i too *avril lavigne voice* ka-ka-ka-kawaii

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